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    First, thank you for what you provide in this site..... most enjoyable. And, please excuse this if it's covered somewhere and i've missed it. I contantly am trying to find out if a fragrance is made with natural or synthetic ingredients (or both). It's quite hard to find out! Why? I know that i respond differently to natural vs. synthetic chemicals.

    thoughts? help?

    many thanks and much peace,

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    Hi Jeff -
    You're right - the specific information about what is present in a fragrance is very difficult, if not impossible, to obtain.
    Saying that though, it is pretty much a rule that all mainstream fragrances have varying degrees of synthetic fragrances or chemicals in them. The differences are mainly ones of degree and which specific chemicals.
    The natural fragrances are always advertised as such - it is one of their important selling points.
    A little more difficult to discern are the fragrances which market themselves as 'natural' but contain synthetic chemicals. Often one can determine that by reading further on the website, or looking for certain buzzwords. Ones that carry a mix of natural/synthetic will generally say things like "contains natural ingredients/fragrances" but won't go so far as to say it is 100% or totally natural.
    If you're having a problem with a specific synthetic chemical, you may only be able to ferret that out by actual sampling. I have a problem with certain synthetic florals that turn really harisprayish/nasty on my skin. I don't know which specific chemical it is, or if it's a combination of several, but I certainly know it the moment I put it on my skin!
    Also, this subject should go on the fragrance forum - you'll get a lot more input there. The Feedback forum is for suggestions and input about the Basenotes site itself.
    - Kathy -

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