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    I am wondering if it would be possible to start a list of all discontinued fragrances, along with a list of perfumeries which specialize in discontined fragrances.
    For example Ponticcio 21 has now been discontinued. It´s one of my favourite perfumes. Luckily, I happened to hear through a friend that it had been discontinued and managed to buy up some stock before it vanished from the shelves.
    It would be great to have a list of these products so that we could snap up any remaining bottles.
    I was really shocked to find out that Jil Sanders Background has been discontinued. Unfortunately I found this out too late.
    It would be great to have a list as a forwarning !!!
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    Default Re: Discontinued Fragrances *

    For the list, have you checked l'Osmothèque in Versailles (France) which has a very large international collection of discontinued fragrances ?

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    Thanks for your help. To be honest I was not impressed by Osmotheque. on their list they do not distinguish between "in production" and "discontinued". Apart from that there seemed to be loads of fragrances missing !! eg. Jil Sander Background. All of the Gian Franco Ferré perfumes !!
    " Only wimps swim with the current "

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    Default Re: Discontinued Fragrances *

    Hi, try this:

    It doesnt list Pont. 21 yet as I didn;t know it was discontinued.

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    Default Re: Discontinued Fragrances *

    To The Yabb Moderator:

    I am new to this forum. Have joined it, enjoy it and am learning a great deal from all the expierenced basenoters. Just wanted to mention that Animale by Parlux was listed as being discontinued. I am a perfume retailer and I carry it in my store.

    The reason for me joining was to learn more about fragrances, and I find that there is a vast knowledge of this subject in this forum. In addition to gaining knowledge I want to post for availability of fragrances in basenoters areas for certain fragrances. I have a lot of customers looking for certain fragrances they can not find. I help them in finding them and making them happy.

    I hope that is OK. I don't want to break any rules, my purpose for joining was not to sell but to gain knowledge. Please email me and let me know.



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