Being fairly new to BN, and fragrances, I've built up a decent size collection, and enjoy wearing them through out the day, and evening. *

I'm typically a good sleeper, out once I hit the pillow, and waking up very infrequently throughout the night. I usually wake up feeling refreshed. *I've noticed that lately my sleep hasn't been as consistent as it had been. *I find myself waking up more often in middle of night, alot more dreams, and not always as refreshed as I had been. *Given that nothing in my life had changed significantly, same levels of stress, same level of exercise, consistent diet, I could only attibute the changes to my sleep patterns to my application of fragrances before bedtime.

I've done some experimenting, totally unscientific of course, but seem to have found that some scents seem to relax me more, and allow me to sleep equal to or better than if I wore none. *Others though, seem to be disruptive, and impact my sleep consistency and number of dreams I have. *

I've read a significant amount on the power of the olfactory sense, and it's direct link to emotions and memory. *I wonder if anyone else here has experienced similar results from wearing fragrances at bedtime. *Also which ones do you find most conducive to a good nights rest, and which ones are most distressful?

So far, I've figured out that Gendarme is as good as a sleeping pill and Lanvin Aperge, and Boss Bottled are dreamweavers. *I didn't smell either one before purchase, and haven't had any significant experiences since wearing them, but each time I've worn them before bed, I've had a night of very abstact dreams. *

If you have similar experiences I'd like to hear about them, so I know I'm not going insane....