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    Default I was a.. Samourai..

    I received a swap parcel today. It was a day like any other day. I opened the box to receive my "prize" when all of a sudden... through the bushes I saw the form of a tall sleek man, branding a sword that could minimize a forest in mere seconds... suddenly the sound of pan flutes permeated my senses... of course, thinking it was a mere hallucination, I shook it off.. and cleared my head...

    Suddenly, I reached into the brown box, and cleared away the styrofoam peanuts, and there it was... unsuspecting in a strangely curved bottle.. with a majestic silver cap... the juice was as blue and icy as Alaskan waters.... on the front of the bottle, scribed quite proudly.. was "Samourai"

    I lifted the bottle north and quite curiously, i looked at it...from all angles.. perplexed, intrigued and quite excited... i removed the cap, I placed the bottle near my left wrist, and there was the first spritz...

    I was suddenly hit with a crisp and lovely bouquet of spices and florals that were very quickly balanced out with a very fresh marine accord. Infact, this scent is very reminiscent of Laguna for men, but it takes the elements that irked me about the aforementioned scent.. removes them, and improves upon the aspects I "enjoyed" in tenfold.

    Samourai maintains the same salty sea note that makes Laguna gorgeous, but a lot of the sticky, murky heady thickness is replaced with a fresh vibrant life. It's hard not to feel wonderful when occasionally catching a scent of this fragrance while going through your monotonous daily activities.

    For fans of Laguna, I highly reccomend that you check out this fairly hard to find Alan Delon fragrance.... it's fresh, it has depth.. it's sexy.. it's a truly incredible designer fragance, and one that I've heard very little about on the board..


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    Default Re: I was a.. Samourai..

    Don't you love it when a swap works out to be a wonderful 'find'!!!

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    Default Re: I was a.. Samourai..

    Omg... I was just thinking about how Laguna was so close to being a great scent but had this annoying crappy synthetic vanilla thickness! This scent sounds perfect. I'll have to try it. Do you know a good place to find it?

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    Default Re: I was a.. Samourai..

    This stuff has been a winner for me. I've got scents that garnered more compliments, but this one has gained the STRONGEST compliments. Quality compliments instead of quantity compliments.

    I wish I could put my finger on what this smells like. In fact I've had this on the back of my mind since I first read NearFantastica's post this morning. There's some dry leather I think, maybe some menthol, some very sneaky nice jasmin, and some really fantastic white liquor notes effusing off of it. It's sticky underneath its airy headiness, so for me it isn't quite a part of the ozonic shipwreck on the market. Damn does it have great sillage too! Smells different at a distance than it does up close. A fantastic and addicting aura. It's one that tickles my nose in such a curious way that it seems my breaths can't be deep enough to suck it in enough.

    I bought this blind too, and it came cheap online. No regrets--just the opposite. Great find NearFantastica!
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    Default Re: I was a.. Samourai..

    Great review, i have to try this!

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