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    Default New Arrivals at TJ Maxx- What to Buy?

    Yesterday at work we got some new arrivals on the truck. We haven't got many men's frags in a while, but they've been gradually picking up for Father's Day. I got some Azzaro Visit last week, and Versace Blue Jeans earier in the week. Now I just need some help deciding which of the following I should buy:

    Baldessarini - Super-gorgeous bottle, a mere fraction of the price of the department stores. It smells good enough to buy, but the reviews seem to point to poor longevity. Is it really that bad?

    Dunhill Fresh - Good reviews, but I've never smelled this and the package is sealed. Seems like something I'd like, but is it worth the $15 blind buy?

    Molinard Homme III - I can't find anything on this one. Very nice, solid bottle, but I don't want to open everything up (I always get mad at the customers for doing the same thing, but they just take everything apart and leave it that way...). Anyone try it? Any good?

    Thanks for your help!

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    Default Re: New Arrivals at TJ Maxx- What to Buy?

    Blast, Stuffman, I wish you could open those up and give us a review of Molinard III. I don't have that one or Molinard II, but I have and like the deep grip of Moliard I. From my recollection III is either a citrus or a Joop! Homme clone. I think my I is leather amber and tobacco (sometimes reminds me of Parfum d'Habit when the wind blows just right).

    Baldessarini was an "it" fragrance here a few years ago but I don't go for it as I don't go for many citruses. Dunhill Fresh I've smelled but forgotten right away.

    Wish I could help you more. I think it's very cool that Molinard is showing up at TJM. Maybe some of the other and better offerings of the house will show up in the next truck or two. If Madrigal shows up buy it blind, trust me, my friend.

    Good luck. Stash some fresh boxes of each in the pillow section until the shoppers have broken open some other boxes and you can smell the open ones for testers.

    Thanks for the heads up also.
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    Default Re: New Arrivals at TJ Maxx- What to Buy?

    Molinard Homme III is a very very good woody vanillariental. If it's at a good price, you should buy it!
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    Default Re: New Arrivals at TJ Maxx- What to Buy?

    Thanks for the update at TJ Maxx. I have Baldy and really enjoy it. Longevity is okay (average 4-5 hours) but a spritz to your shirt always helps too. I would not hesitate to buy it blind. It smells like brand new fresh, crisp dollar bills - if that makes sense? It's not a heavy oriental scent and nor is it aquatic IMO - my wife claims it has pretty good sillage and it will for sure not offend anyone. I would say it is versatile from day, office wear to formal. It's a unique scent that I cannot compare to others as I've never smelled anything like it. I would compare it to Scentiments' prices. If it's cheaper than Scentiments, I'd say go for it.
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    Default Re: New Arrivals at TJ Maxx- What to Buy?

    Dunhill fresh is good imo. Also, I believe it smells a lot like drakkar noir (for today!). Extremely masculine and safe blind buy too (Especially at $15). I love tj maxx - some great deals there!
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    Default Re: New Arrivals at TJ Maxx- What to Buy?

    I forgot to mention- the Baldessarini is the one in the refillable metal bottle, not the cheaper glass version. I think I'm going to put it in layaway or something so nobody gets it before my next paycheck.

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    Default Re: New Arrivals at TJ Maxx- What to Buy?

    Well, I put the Baldy on layaway, and I did open up the package to try it before I committed to it. It certainly does smell like money! Considering I couldn't find the metal bottle for much less than $50 online, it's surely worth the $25 (well, $22.50 after my discount) even if it doesn't last all that long. Heck, I may just pick up the second bottle they have and put it up on eBay or something.

    Unfortunately, the Mollinard was already MIA- odd considering I live in a college town and if it ain't Acqua di Gio, nobody will buy it. Hmmph. Well, I did also notice we got in 1oz bottles of Joop!, which ain't bad considering 1oz is a lifetime supply (the 2.5 is a two-and-a-half lifetimes' supply, while the 4.2 is a four-and-two-tenths lifetimes' supply). Joop!'s always been intriguing to me- I just can't tell if I love it or hate it, but for $15, heck, I can always give it to the cute girl who comes into my other job- she always has Joop! on and it smells absolutely lovely on her.

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