It's summer, I like green and citrus smells and I'm delving into the complex world of fragrances. no question where to start, equipped with numerous samples and suggestions by basenotes veterans I shall make myself a path through the fragjungle in search of the perfect lemon tree or whatever else pops up. I got my little set of Penhaligon's fragrances yesterday (an older edition from ebay) and here are some impressions:

Lords (now Douro)

Top: Strong notes of artificial/soapy lemon, reminiscent of Astonish oven and stove cleaner (another high quality, trad. British product - coincidence?). Personally I find this rather unpleasant. The top note citrus does not blend nicely into the middle note neroli, just a sweet, cloying and artificial mess. Smells incredibly tacky on me, I'll wear it when I'm cleaning the stove with Astonish, sort of to blend in ;D

Extract of Limes

I was watching a lawn tennis match between the young Lord Asquith and Sir Humphrey Caton-Jones from my leather and teakwood recliner, sipping a lime cordial, when inexplicably, the thought came to my mind that I needed to stock up on my cologne. Personally, I prefer Penhaligonís Extract of Limes. Itís got that fresh, tangy top note which so gracefully settles into a comforting, highly refined wood and leather base - the leather not unlike that in Creedís Royal English Leather, mind you, but more restrained, of course, and making for an enchanting dialogue with the citrus. Excellent craftsmanship for you there. Forty Love. Excellent, Sir Humphrey. You wield that racquet like a Dragoonís sabre. Where was I? Oh yes, was it Reginald Barclay who told me at the club that Penhaligonís had actually discontinued the Lime? Shocking! Next thing theyíll abolish red double-decker busses and phone booths. Blast, such a thing could only happen under Labour now, could it. I shall have to search the web quickly and see whether they have any stock left on the continent or perhaps in Boston. Oh, here we are now, game, set and match. Well done, Sir Humphrey. I say, Wimbledon will be yours next year, old boy.

P.S.: While it oozes British upper class style I find the scent aesthetically timeless rather than old-fashioned or even stuffy. In fact, forgetting the cultural baggage for a moment, I find this take on lime exceedingly cool, not to speak of the quality. They should relaunch this as a neo-post punk frag, e.g. it would suit the singer of Maximo Park perfectly. One thing: it does fade as quickly as the Empire after World War II.

Still, I would be inclined to cough up the 50 Euros for one of the last bottles around - if my wife didn't hate it. But this is another story for another thread :.