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    Default LusciousCargo samples to order

    Hey guys. So I've settled on Tea For Two as my next purchase, and because of the fantastic customer service previously by LusciousCargo, I'll buy from them (with a simple sample order, they sent me extras and a handwritten note/thank you -- won me over). Anyway, I get 5 free samples with the purchase, so anyone that's ever been to their site (, could you recommend which I should look into. Some of their lines (whose scents I'm not familiar with) are Acqua di Parma, Amouage, Bond, Floris London, Keiko Mecheri, L'Artisan, LV, MPG, Miller Harris, etc. Actually, what would you recommend to try from Ac. di Parma, LV, and Miller Harris. Anything else you could think of would be great, cause I'm at a loss, and I wanna get this order in! Thanks ahead. Peace.


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    Default Re: LusciousCargo samples to order

    LV Incensi and MH Feuilles du Tabac are both excellent!

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    Default Re: LusciousCargo samples to order

    Stuigi's recommendations are good. I'd recommend trying these too:
    LV - Musk
    MPG - Santal Noble, Ambre Precieux, Centaure

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    Default Re: LusciousCargo samples to order

    LV Piper Nigrum is marvelous - a cool, minty, peppery opening, then a rich, sweet, ambery drydown. Love it!
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    Default Re: LusciousCargo samples to order

    Amouage 'Dia' is really classy, and if you like a very spicy carnation scent, try the LV 'Garofano' - it's a little like a Mata Hari/Carmen/Rudolph Valentino group hug. Colonia Assoluta by AdParma is nice for summer too.

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    Default Re: LusciousCargo samples to order

    Try Floris Santal or Eau de Santal Extreme. They are lovely green with a nice 'blast'.
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    Default Re: LusciousCargo samples to order

    My 5 choices would be:

    LV Piper Nigrum
    LV Sandalo
    LV Musk
    MPG Santal Noble
    MPG Amber Precieux

    BTW, I have had excellent service from lusciouscargo on several different occasions.

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    Default Re: LusciousCargo samples to order

    I would pick 5 different houses and pick 1 scent from each one. It doesn't make sense to pick a whole bunch of MPG scents, no matter how good they are, because there is a distinctive MPG house note (that I personally don't like) and if you don't like it then you have 3 samples that you don't really care for. However, not all houses have such a distinctive house note like MPG does. It would be safe, for instance, to order all 5 samples from L'Artisan because each of their scents is so different. Anyways, your choices aren't all that important because you can always order a set of 7 (or 8?) more samples for like $15. I think that the hype that LC creates for their scents and the hype that Basenotes members create will not necessarily equate to you liking a scent. That is why you should just go with your gut.

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