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    Default Help me round out my spending spree with class

    So I posted a month or so ago requesting help choosing a "grown up/classy" scent, as I described it. I was deciding between PdN's New York, and MPG's Santal Noble and Ambre Precioux. However, after doing some spending (Armani Code and soon to be Diptyque's Philosykos) and testing, I'm trying to decide between two scents that I would call a little more "serious". I don't want to use age descriptions here (though I'm 22 if it helps), but I suppose I am trying to add some maturity to my wardrobe. So the two are Tea for Two (L'Artisan) and Oliban (Keiko Mercheri). I'll definitely be buying one of those very soon (perhaps tomorrow?). Please feel free to check out my wardrobe and make a suggestion for/against either one (I may just flip a coin in the end, or, possibly worse, suck it up and buy both). Looking to see what you guys think or have been commented to about either one. Thanks in advance, and thanks again for all the previous advice on a similar topic. Peace


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    Default Re: Help me round out my spending spree with class

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    I wish I could help you, but I've never smelled Oliban. TfT is a fine scent, though. You can't go wrong with it. Oliban sounds more like something that I would buy, but then again my tastes are fickle. I am wary of overly sweet or novel scents, as they are the first ones that I get sick of. If you have a good rotation, it shouldn't be an issue. Also, it looks like the Oliban is a slightly better deal, isn't it?

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    Default Re: Help me round out my spending spree with class

    Oh, I'm with you on these two--they are both fantastic fragrances.

    I can't access your wardrobe, and I wouldn't and couldn't suggest one over the other, but, in wearing, I find some differences. *Both have very good longevity on my skin. *I feel they have about the same sillage strength. Both are very classy--on elegance, I would give the nod to Oliban. *Tea for two, in one sense, is a little more edgy and dramatic with its smoky begining and its strong tea accord. *But Oliban is rather dramatic in its own right with its incense--incense done very discreetly IMO. *

    I guess it depends what you are looking for most--elegance and subtlty, which Oliban would excell at; or class and drama, which would, I think, tip the scales to T42.

    I would guess that others would respond more to t42--Oliban might be too subtle for attention getting.

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    Default Re: Help me round out my spending spree with class

    Its no contest -- go with Tea for Two. Its much better IMO.
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    Default Re: Help me round out my spending spree with class

    Haha, Thank you Ben. I see my rep for the L'Artisan line is much recognized here.

    I don't know Oliban but I can tell you all about why I like Tea for Two.

    Tea for Two is one of the most versatile scents I know of. It is probably the best for a autumn day because of its slight sweetness to it. It is very mysterious though. There is heavy tea notes throughout the entirety of the smell. This is accompanied by smoke that blends very nicely with the honey, which emerges after a little bit of time goes by.

    I find it seductive, yet classy and sophisticated. It can even be a everyday wear. I have used it for so many events like dates, just to wear around, and dressing up. It is the perfect scent IMO. To me, there is nothing better in the whole world than this. It is the apitomy of tea smells and happens to be my favorite so I might be biased. It didn't become my favorite 'just because' though... think about it...

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