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Thread: A better Truth

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    Truth by CK that is, I have a 15ml mini and I enojoy sniffing it alot from the bottle, but it smells terrible when I apply it on my skin or even anything for that matter. But I really like the fresh cut grass smell in it. It could of been a great scent if CK did not make it smell SOO cheap I mean it smells like what Lynx/Axe will make.
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    I actually enjoy wearing this and it's surprisingly long-lasting on me.

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    Sorry to bump such an old thread, but does anyone know any scents similar to Truth?
    It only lasts about 4 hours on my skin, but I think it smells great while it lasts.

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    Truth does smell way sythetic but was wearable on me for a certain time. It does smell like fresh geen grass and reminds me chrome for some reason.

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    Whoa, you guys are so in luck. If you can find S.T. Dupont's Essence Pure (PH), that is. It's very like CK Truth for men--heavy to the bamboo and grass stuff, but smells better than Truth. At least to me it does. Scents in general stick to me very well, and Essence Pure has good duration and lots of sillage on me.
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    To my nose Immense pour Homme by Jean-Louis Scherrer shares distinctive similarities to CK Truth...


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