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    Default Montale Vetiver des Sables

    I received a package of Montale samples from Vijay a few weeks ago. Like many people here, I was totally blown away by the quality of the fragrances. They reminded me a lot of Serge Lutens in their potency and exotic oriental feel, but they definitely all had a distinct "house" style. I was impressed in particular with Greyland, which is similar to Gucci PH but with a healthy dose of cumin, which gives is a sexual, dirty/sweaty vibe that I've come to appreciate in other scents, Eau d'Hermes in particular. Patchouli Leaves was another winner - remeniscent of both Ambre Sultan and Boreo 1834 from Luten. I was also intrigued with several scents in the Oud line. I already had a decant of Oud Cuir Arabie, which is a 3rd-world-tannery style leather scent (that's a compliment). I was surprised at the similarity of several scents - Black Oud, Attar, Oud Lime, Oud Damascus, Oud Queen Roses all have strong rose notes along with the medicinal oud. I think Black Oud was my favorite of these, but I'm still not familiar enough with them all to sort them apart easily in my memory.

    Now, as to the subject of my post. I was so impressed with these scents that I remembered vaguely having a sample stashed away of Vetiver des Sables that came as a freebie with a long-ago decant purchase. I never really gave that sample much of a sniff, but I dug it out of my sample box and gave it full wearing today. My one word review - WOW. This is a brilliant vetiver scent that has the most beguiling saltwater/aquatic note I've encountered. The obvious parallel is with Goutal Vetiver, which uses a similar iodine/seaweed note. But where Goutal bludgeons you with iodine, Montale blends the note in with extreme grace. There is also an undercurrent of woody spicy oriental notes that even hint at powderiness. This balance of citrussy bright fresh top notes with exotic oriental basenotes is a neat trick thats pulled off by M7 Fresh but by no other fragrance i know, and I think it may be better handled by the Montale fragrance. Finally, this scent lasts all day. 11 hours after application (of less than 1/2 of a standard sample vial) Vetiver des Sables is still going strong after a long hot day in Dallas, where I'm travelling on business.

    All in all, I'm very impressed, and surprised to have seen so little written on this one here. Now I only wish I could buy less than 100 ml at a time.

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    Default Re: Montale Vetiver des Sables

    Marlen also did a review of Vetiver des Sables on his new website.

    Here is the link:

    For those of you that did not know, Marlen has now been actively posting on and has completely moved his Scenteur7 site to the new one.


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    Default Re: Montale Vetiver des Sables

    It's definately a nice scent but I find it a bit too sweet for a vetiver :-/

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    Default Re: Montale Vetiver des Sables

    Quote Originally Posted by baron
    Now I only wish I could buy less than 100 ml at a time.

    They also sell the 50 ml bottles.
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