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Thread: Hugo Boss One

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    ;D the lapidus/tenere-like scent that actually made it in popularity back in the day?? Lately I've been trying to decide if I like it, or if it's disgusting and nothing I could wear. Any thoughts/opinions on this old fine ditty?

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    I've had a hard time with this one... And I like classic scents...
    But this one is extremely powdery and there's something discordant in it!
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    I found it yucky baby powder plus honey eeewww from what I can remember it gave me a headache.

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    I rather like this one. It is pretty pungeant and tobacco-leathery, but manages to drydown with a subtle floral note. Kind of like a reverse pyramid.

    I don't get the powdery note, but it might develop differently on different people's skins. I might be the exception here.

    I think fans of Quorum might like this... and Quorum haters might be wise to give it a wide berth. I can see why there would be a lot of haters for this frag.
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    I love this scent, but it`s something I couldn`t wear. And to be honest, I`m not sure if it`s ment to be worn by anyone...but only perhaps indoors for own pleasure, from time to time.

    I don`t think it has leather at all. No, let me tell you what it`s all about: Mixture of testosterone, honey, some animals, moist hay and tea.

    That`s it!

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    I think it"s smelling great ! Very manly and not commom...U don"t have to be afraid to bump in on somebody wearing the same...
    After the summer, this 'one' will become mine again :-)

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