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    Default original santal...quick 2 cents

    I finally managed to make it over to Neiman Marcus to try out the (not so) new Creed original santal. I understood immediately why the reviews I read of this scent claimed it was a "sweet-bomb". It lingers close to cloying, but in my opinion it doesn't quite cross that line. Conservative application should mitigate the sweetness.

    OS smells fairly unique to me. It doesn't have as much "movement" as other Creeds (the opening notes fade quickly and the drydown settles in fast). To my nose, the vanilla, ginger, wood notes (cedar?) and benzoin dominate the drydown. The vanilla and ginger are to blame for the sweet quality of the parfum. I like the ginger a lot (the drydown smells a little like gingerbread), maybe Oliver could have backed off a touch on the vanilla, but I'll admit that I don't have the most refined of noses.

    The scent produces an odd sensation in me. Do you remember eating a whole bag of hot tamale candies too quickly as a child, and afterwords having that tingley, spicy sensation in the back of your throat? Original Santal does the exact same thing to me when I hold it to my nose for too long. OS really is sweet like hot tamale candies are sweet.

    The verdict: a cautious thumbs up....It's a real debate for me whether I'll purchase this at some point or not.

    post note- I think I'm buying my mother a small bottle of Creed jasmal. Royal Water, the only other creed i hadn't tried until today, is terrible.

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    Default Re: original santal...quick 2 cents

    I finally got to try this the other day and I have to say I was not impressed. It reminded me of a GIT with a bit of vanilla thrown in. Nothing inventive or original about it. Quite sad to think that this is the same house that gave us Angelique Encens. A bomb.

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    Default Re: original santal...quick 2 cents

    original santal is the ONLY creed that I really don't like and i really dont understand. there are several i understand but don't particularly think are for me.
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