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    Default new mens/unisex fragrance Meditheo- pm for samples

    yep I'm pulling a mike storer! here will be my first publicly offered fragrance. the interesting thing is this is actually not one of the blends i've been working on lately, its more like a re interpretation of some work I had done 2-3 years ago when I was into a totally different style of frag. but here goes:

    Meditheo is a light citrus scent perfect for the summer. It is clean and dry, not fruity or synthetic smelling. Since it is a citrus scent (these can be problematic), it was formulated with longetivity in mind. I believe it has an organic feel (80% natural materials), but without smelling "not like a perfume", to put it simple terms (I hope you get my meaning). It is uncomplicated but not uncomplex. I hesitate to call this scent unisex because its a slightly different concept here, I would rather call it a shared scent, since there are some very masculine aspects to it and some feminine aspects, instead of a mix of androgynous notes. I don't want to compare it to anything precisely because I feel that it is different from any other fragrance I have come across so far, but the fragrances I was wearing at the time which obviously affected my ideas and work and have inspired it were: Davidoff's Cool Water, Dior's Eau Sauvage, Goutal's Eau d'Hadrien, Gendarme by Gendarme and Creed's Erolfa. I also don't want to list the notes in the fragrance either because I believe they would give the wrong idea of how it smells, they are blended in such a way as to not be totally distinct. The fragrance is not linear, but it is all one concept. I believe its unfair to leave you with just that to decide on so I will say:

    Topnotes: Fresh and lifelike citrus

    Middle notes: Herbs and Clean Florals, Hesperidic

    Basenotes: Earthy notes and Dry, Exotic Woods

    It may or may not smell anything like what you are thinking right now. The best way to find out would be to order a sample If you would like one, please PM me with your address. samples will be sent out july 1st. bottles will be available shortly after. I would also really appreciate reviews once you guys recieve them.

    thanks so much for reading this and let me know,
    - Matt

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    Default Re: new mens/unisex fragrance Meditheo- pm for sam

    whoa pm box overflowing! lol

    keep em' comin! im compiling the list until the release date

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