I was tripping through Mendocino with my dad today and asked him "do you know where any perfume places are around here?" he then told me of a new place that had opened up in town that had everything that one of his friends of considerable taste had asked for. Hearing this is major news because Ive found NO major outlets for high end perfumes in this county so far. So I walked in and... holy cow, this is too good to be true. While they didnt have the full offerings from all the houses, they did have some prime offerings from several: L'Artisan, Creed, Guerlain, Channel, etc.

If you live here, you know how amazing finding a store like this is. I asked about Voleur de Roses, they had it. After sampling, I said "wow, this is full tilt boogie. I'll take it" she checked around and couldnt find a new one, so she offered the 99% full tester (100ml) at a discount. "what kind of discount?" I asked. $85... Sold! I also picked up a 1.7oz Eau Sauvage. She was great about making up some samples for me of Rive Gauche and Y, along with throwing a few L'Artisan samplers in the bag.

Great place. If you live in Mendocino County, Ca. Check out Perfume Mendo on 45000 Main St.