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    Default A Quest for Halston 101 Replacement


    I am on a quest for the production designer of my current opera production. He used to wear Halston 101 and still has a tiny little bit left, but needs a replacement for his signature scent. (I know - the concept of a signature scent is foreign to me, too) What else might he like that is somewhat readily available?



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    Default Re: A Quest for Halston 101 Replacement

    If note pyramids count for anything, then Acqua di Selva should be a consideration. I'm not personally familiar with either fragrance.
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    Default Re: A Quest for Halston 101 Replacement

    My first post when I joined Basenotes was about this very topic. Search the database for Halston 101 and you will find some suggestions that were given to me. I have searched those notes that are given in the Halston 101 pyramid here on Basenotes but don't recall anything that came up smelling like 101. I would venture a guess that Acqua di Selva will not be a match. (? don't think their site is active anlonger) used to have a description for Halston 101 as woody, vetiver, cumin, leather, spicy. I bought Rocabar because when I smelled the initial intense smell of pine I thought I had a winner, but it dries down sweeter than I remember 101 being. Those that remember 101 know it is a great fragrance and would stock up if reintroduced. I think we should all write Elizabeth Arden and demand they bring it back so new and old can enjoy.

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    Yes 101 was fantastic. It smelled like Christmas to me. I have a few scents that remind me of the notes found in 101.
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    If someone made a spot-on twin of 101 they would make a fortune.
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