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    Default Talk to me aout Oxford & Cambridge by Czech & Speake

    Has anyone ever worn or tested Oxford & Cambridge by Czech & Speake? *If you have, could you tell me your opinion of this fragrance? *I am interested in it, and I have even been considering buying it blind. *I was hoping that someone could tell me what it is like. *I would appreciate any feedback that you might have. *Thanks!
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    Default Re: Tell me about Oxford & Cambridge by Czech & Sp

    I tested it briefly last week (that day I ended up buying LV Uomo - great fragrance), and was unimpressed. Citrus and acrid wood, not harmoniously mixed. Maybe it's just me, it's a combination I just don't like, similar to Taylor's Eton College (which by the way is like 5 times cheaper than O & C).

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    Default Re: Tell me about Oxford & Cambridge by Czech & Sp

    i received a sample of this included in a swap ....i find thats its awesome...lavender,bergamot and some woods...but then again i really like traditional kinda old school frags...this is wonderful...barbershoppy but not in a powdery way at all to my nose...very excellent quality -wise..and lasts well for me...a very smooth and refreshing frag...the reviews in the directory seem so at odds to how i would describe it but then again the reviews for many of the frags i enjoy aren't acurately found there...many times i begin to think that they are reviewing something entirely different than what i have in front of me...

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    Default Re: Tell me about Oxford & Cambridge by Czech & Sp

    Hey, sobranie and marco, thanks for the feedback concerning Oxford & Cambridge. *I have had such great success with Czech & Speake No. 88 and Neroli, that I am thinking that I might also have success with another Czech & Speake fragrance. *Although I still might buy it blind, I am hoping that someone else might also have some feedback for me regarding Oxford & Cambridge.

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