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    Default Pissed off with CC, and No. 88, SO F)(*&^* MAD

    Sorry guys but I just got home, late night and its close to 1am in the morning here in Vancouver, I spent the last couple of hours trying to find a blank video cassette to tape the opening game of the World Cup. I just got home right now and I'm really pissed off.

    Got home and my bottle of No. 88 just arrived at my house. I'm so F*&^%*(^ing pissed off right now. Sorry, I don't get mad easily but Cambridge Chemists is the worse company I've dealt with.

    It all started with them cancelling my order because of a few recommendations I wrote in the comment box during checkout. I just gave them some hints to avoid problems with duties/customs because of the over the boarder shipping. Then I wrote back saying ship the bottle however you like, but you didn't need to cancel my entire order, I'm very flexible and we could work something out. 28.00 USD down the toilet for a piece of c*&p shipping. Got taxed another 40.00 CAN at the door. Overall, payed 180 CAN for the bottle. Just opened the package, they included some old man soap as an extra but some of the juice leaked on the side. WTF........... is going on.

    I honestly don't know what to do, I'm going to contact them in regards to my leaky bottle, and those familiar with the bottle, the sticker around the neck of the bottle is all wet from the juice. F*(K!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Although as I'm typing right now, I can smell it all over my fingers, smells amazing, really cold and dark. But it smells identical to my friends Playboy Night Cologne he used to have, plus guess what, not only do they smell similar, their bottle designs are the same

    Sorry for the rant, late night, going to bed, I'll write something more sensible tomorrow.
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    Default Re: Pissed off with CC, and No. 88, SO F)(*&^* MAD

    Send it back and get a new bottle. Tell em you'll describe your negative experience to Czech & Speake in London, all the fragrance blogs, forums, etc.

    Call them and demand a new bottle now. They'll send you one. No excuse for that kind of thing.

    And BTW, No.88 is much better than Playboy Night Cologne. No question about that.
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    Default Re: Pissed off with CC, and No. 88, SO F)(*&^* MAD

    Can someone post side by side pictures of both of them (I know C&S No88 but not Playboy Night Cologne (OMG what a name))?

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    Default Re: Pissed off with CC, and No. 88, SO F)(*&^* MAD

    thats quite strange, i work in london and visit Czech & Speake very regular and they are usually very helpfull, i am sure if you call them they will get it sorted out, they are pretty hot on their customer service!
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    Default Re: Pissed off with CC, and No. 88, SO F)(*&^* MAD

    I'm sorry to hear of your bad experience with CC. I have used them & always had good results but i am in the USA. I can see where asking for a new bottle would only cost you MORE as you'd have to pay customs again!!!!

    My only suggestion would be for future purchases from the States.....
    Ask your fellow USA basenoters if they'd be willing to have the juice shipped to them and have them ship it to you in Canada with the form filled to your liking

    I have done it for Canadian basenoters before and I would do it again......
    I also insure my packages through a third party insurance.......

    I also find its best to keep the weight of the package to under one pound if possible

    Anyway.....please feel free to message me if you need a bottle stop over.
    I'm sure there are other basenoters who would also be willign to do this for you


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    Default Re: Pissed off with CC, and No. 88, SO F)(*&^* MAD

    That is terrible service. I would even venture the possibility that they purposly screwed up on you. I would send something immediately. With something that expensive you can never give up when you are not satisfied. That would be a huge waste of your money and patience.

    Deffinately give 'em a piece of your mind

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    Default Re: Pissed off with CC, and No. 88, SO F)(*&^* MAD


    First of all, I have to apologize for my first post. I just re-read it and……WOW…….what was I on or what was I not on and should have been on. I guess I really got upset and wasn’t thinking straight, late night. Sometimes, I get pissed just because I live in Western Canada and I have to pay these overpriced crapping shipping costs. I just bought Geir at Luckyscent and the shipping alone cost me 25 USD. I’d like to buy Sequoia as well, but I often get discouraged with shipping costs.

    Anyways, the whole night was messed up to begin with. It first started with trying to find a store that sold blank VHS tapes so we could record the opening ceremonies of the World Cup the next day. We got back to his place and it took us hours trying to set up his auto-timer thing on his VHS. I kept getting these flashbacks from that one scene in Office Space. Where they finally quit their jobs and take out all their rage on the fax machine with a baseball bat. Anyways, I had to drive back and fourth between homes to get wires, etc…….. I really wanted to get home but I decided to stop at the bank for cash because it was on my way. Gas prices are through the roof here, and when you pay 25 to 28 USD for shipping, you got to save somewhere. This one drugged up homeless guy asks if he can use my phone outside the bank. I had it in my left pocket but I didn’t really trust the guy, I instead offered a quarter so he could use a pay-phone. He pretty much dropped the conversation, and when I finally got into the bank, this one guy took up the whole machine or two. The guy was still in his business suit half past midnight making some money transaction or something. He said one of the machines didn’t work (or he screwed it up) and I waited for at least 20 minutes.

    I finally walked out pissed and the homeless guys buddy, who was pretty much shooting it up before in the corner tried selling me some headphones out of a Best Buy plastic bag. I said sorry as those earplug headphones don’t work well with me. Anyways, I’d really like to help those guys but I’d rather give them sandwich then money for a sandwich. I left a McDonald’s drive-thru a couple days ago, and say this one guy going through a garbage bin, I rolled down my window and gave him my fries, because I never end up finishing them anyways. My friends will offer cigarettes if they see them picking up cigarette buds off the ground but I also shy away from giving cash.

    Then I got home, pissed and tried and my bottle of No.88 leaked on the side with the 40 dollar customs damage. I was able to get back a 50 USD refund from CC, BTW there located in New York. I didn’t buy it from C&S in London. A lot of BN members recommend CC for the cheapest price and best service. I guess it works differently if you live across boarders. Overall we started off with a bad foot, somehow through confusion my order was cancelled and I got pissed because I didn’t even get a sorry, instead a one line response from of the SR’s saying “Give us your address”. I guess something bad was going to happen, all this bad karma. Really sad, as I don’t think I’m welcomed to buy there anymore. I was going to make a stop by their shop in NY if I go there this summer, but I’m afraid I’d get shot on site, and that’s just from asking if I could use their washroom. I really wanted to check out C&S Cuba.

    I haven’t tested No. 88 yet; I went to bed at 4am in the morning and had 3 hours sleep. But from what I smelt on my fingers and the sillage produced in my room from the leak, I was really happy. I thought it would have worked perfectly last night, while driving through the cold, dark, empty and rainy streets of the bad part of Vancouver roaming with drug addicts, but it didn’t work out. I went scentless today; I really didn’t fell like wearing anything.

    BTW: I’ll write a short review later but it smells reminds me of Playboy’s Night Cologne that my friend used to wear and what’s scary is the bottles look almost identical. I think Hugh Hefner might of done a ripoff of No.88. The only thing I got against the No. 88 bottle is the cheap thin metal cap. You can basically mold that thing with your hands.

    Czech and Speake No. 88 bottle:
    Playboy Night Cologne:

    Anyways, take care!
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