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    Default Plastic bottles?

    Does anyone know please:-
    Is it ok to keep frags in plastic? Why are atomisers and bottles almost always glass?

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    Default Re: Plastic bottles?

    All of CDG's Synthetic syries fragrances are in plastic bags in plastic bottles. I have plastic atomizers. I don't think it really makes that much of a difference. Glass is more high end. No one wants a 3.4oz bottle of plastic...

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    Default Re: Plastic bottles?

    Thanks. I was just wondering if it was for marketing/presentation reasons or for the frags safety or longevity in any way. I have a 250ml splash bottle coming and I was thinking of decanting into a 50ml plastic bottle and from there into a 10ml atomiser (glass) to avoid opening the big one too much. I suppose I will go ahead.
    "Donít try to be original. Be simple. Be good technically, and if there is something in you, it will come out. Ē - Henri Matisse.

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    Default Re: Plastic bottles?

    "plasticizers", some kind of byproduct of chemical reactions (according to my chem major girlfriend) are to be considered. For decanting I use plastic pipettes (tiny turkey basters) to get exact volumes out of splash bottles, and I have noticed that I absolutley can't use the same pipettes for different frags because they bind with and reek forever of each particular frag. My desk currently looks like some illicit home-cookin' methlab covered in little plastic tubes labelled "Geir", "The Vert", etc.
    But by contrast, with sufficient rinsing and neutralizing, you can get a frag's traces out of glass; I have reused sample vials, for example (but always with a new plastic stopper).

    Long story short, I don't advise you to use plastic.

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    Default Re: Plastic bottles?

    Quote Originally Posted by Joel_Cairo

    I don't advise you to use plastic.
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    Default Re: Plastic bottles?

    Thanks guys, I've just been out to buy a glass bottle. It's got a plastic lid though :
    "Donít try to be original. Be simple. Be good technically, and if there is something in you, it will come out. Ē - Henri Matisse.

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    Default Re: Plastic bottles?

    I'd say there are reasons for both:

    Plastic indeed absorbs fragrance quite readily and getting it out is a hassle - only with proper solvent rising and subsequent prolonged ventilation. But plastic does not break, which makes it convenient to carry around to freshen up during the day (for those recently-praised-shabby-longevity scents). And it is cheaper.

    Glass is class - it looks better, its weight makes for a better presentation, it makes the product appear more valuable. I think it is the primary reason why most fragrances are packaged in it.

    So IMO: plastic is perfectly fine as a one-time disposable item such as decant or travel bottle that you refill with the same fragrance. If you want to re-use, go with glass.

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    Default Re: Plastic bottles?

    I decant into plastic atomizers for my swaps/sales as well as for my own travel decants. I don't want to carry several full sized, heavy glass bottles when I travel and I don't want to worry about glass atomizers breaking in the mail or my travel bag. Plastic is usually a good bit cheaper than glass.

    As for reuse - I regularly wash and reuse plastic atomizers for different scents. The smell of the previous scent can seem strong even after washing, but the few molecules hanging around are nothing compared to the amount of the new scent that you pour into the bottle. I have never noticed one scent be tainted by the previous scent. However, I always use a fresh atomizer for decants that I send to other people, just to be safe.

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    Default Re: Plastic bottles?

    what aBout keeping plastic Bottles in the refrigerator?

    im just using plastic Bottles
    Bcus at the store i went the glass Bottles have shitty atomizers (spray too damn much, a lot of atomized juice doesn't hit the ski, feels like misspending fragrance
    that why i chose the plastic ones, they spray Better

    But im worried aBout putting my fragrances in 10ml plastic Bottles
    i dont want the smell to change

    what y'all think?

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