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    Default A*Men compared to Borneo 1834

    I received my Borneo 1834 today. My first impression was that it is similar to A*Men, but less synthetic, more round and like a real, edible, dark, liquour chocolate. I could not smell the chocolate in the A*Men , don't mistake me, I still love A*Men but if people find it is too in-your-face and over powering, they should try Borneo 1834. It does not have the lasting power of A*Men but it seems to be more dark, gourmand and chocolate.

    I think that Borneo is a much better version of A*Men. I have never felt so excited about a scent before, I just want to tell people. Forgive me for not being able to express myself so expertly, describing all the layers and stages, but it is just a great scent. A*Men is still my favourite but it always seems a bit synthetic; I worry about spraying it too heavily on myself and the first hour it is too powerful.

    With Borneo I do not have the same fear and can spray it with abandon. I love it all the way through, from beginning to the end.

    A funny thing is that after spraying Borneo on my arms, I found that it was so similar to A*Men, I put *on a tiny little bit of A*Men on my elbow and then found that I could not smell the Borneo any more, the A*Men was too overpowering. Same as Duel, it would usually last all day on me, but if I spray a little bit of Mandragore I can no longer smell the Duel.

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    Default Re: A*Men compared to Borneo 1834

    Sounds interesting, the one thing I don't like about A*Men is the sharpness, so giving this 1834 a try is a must.
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    Default Re: A*Men compared to Borneo 1834

    I don't find them at all similar: A*Men has cool (as opposed to warm) lavender and peppermint notes and a tar note which Borneo 1834 doesn't have. I find Borneo 1834 much more close to Angel but there are no fruit notes.
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    Default Re: A*Men compared to Borneo 1834

    To me, it seems like Borneo and Cannabis Santal are very close cousins. Although I also see the relationship to Angel.



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    Default Re: A*Men compared to Borneo 1834

    Borneo 1834 is maybe the only scent with both chocolate and patchouli that I could see myself wearing. It avoids being too sweet or too bitter, it's very smooth, and the patchouli is under control. Just as a little story, I walked into a chocolate shoppe while traveling, and upon opening the door, was smacked with this incredibly familiar scent. It took a couple of minutes of me standing there smelling the air before I realized it was the bitter chocolate note in Borneo that I was recalling. Good stuff.

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    Default Re: A*Men compared to Borneo 1834

    Okay, based on this review I ordered a decant. *My question is if i like it how can I get a whole bottle? *My understanding is it is only available for purchase in Paris. *

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    Default Re: A*Men compared to Borneo 1834

    Quote Originally Posted by carbonmonoxide
    Okay, based on this review I ordered a decant. My question is if i like it how can I get a whole bottle? My understanding is it is only available for purchase in Paris.
    Yeah, I think it's in the exclusive line (this arbitrary distinction has to go!). You may find one on ebay from time to time, or on the sell board here. Also, if you live in Europe you can have it shipped to you. If you travel to Europe, they will ship it to your hotel (just place the order with plenty of lead time). If you have a friend in Europe, they can ship it to your friend who can then ship it to you.

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    Default Re: A*Men compared to Borneo 1834

    Hi carbonmonoxide,

    SL don´t ships the "exclusive line" frags like Borneo directly to the US. You have to order it via the SL homepage and to make them send it as gift to a friend of you living in Europe. That´the only way, sorry...

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    Default Re: A*Men compared to Borneo 1834

    Borneo's great but a little closer to the skin, longevity could be better. A-Men satisfies to a far greater degree for me. I own bottles of both.
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    Default Re: A*Men compared to Borneo 1834

    Am I the only one who cannot see the similarity between these two? I smell only patchouli from Borneo, no chocolate, and nothing even remotely similar to Amen or Angel...

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