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    Default Amber scents - just how similar?

    I got my first real taste of an amber scent two weeks ago at the Hermes store, investigating the Hermessence scents. I found that the one that really connected with me was the Ambre Narguile. As anyone who has investigated this stuff knows, it is quite expensive: $190 for 100mL of EdT. It was quite addictive though and has me considering other amber scents.

    In digging through the directory here, I've found that three of the top houses have ambers that are spoken of together in the reviews: Ambre Extreme, Ambre Sultan, and Ambre Precieux. I'm soliciting opinions from people with experience with all four of these scents: Do they all bear substantial similarity? There are suggestions in the reviews that the three are largely interchangeable.

    Thanks for taking the time to read my ramblings...
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    Default Re: Amber scents - just how similar?

    I have and love all four and believe each is different enough to justify an amber fan's owning them all. Ambre Narguile is a gourmandy, rich amber; Ambre Precieux is a gentle amber with a soft, clean lavender note; Ambre Extreme is a warm, spicy, sweet amber; and Ambre Sultan, my SotD, is a dark, nonsweet amber with herbal notes that (on me) smell exactly like Roman Catholic church incense, just beautiful. All are definitely worth exploring.
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    Default Re: Amber scents - just how similar?

    Ambre Precieux is a bit woody and masculine, Amber Extreme is a tad feminine - initially at least. Haven't tried the other two.

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    Default Re: Amber scents - just how similar?

    Ambre Sultan I hated at first because it reminded me of getting novacaine shots at the dentist's office. There is something really medicinal about it. I never fully got over that aspect of the scent but I have at least learned to like and appreciate the composition as a whole.

    I like Ambre Extreme a lot. It to me is the purest amber I've ever smelled. There is seemingly nother but amber and vanilla in this baby. I wouldn't say that there's anything feminine about it other than its sweetness, but it certainly isn't manly in any way. I feel comfortable wearing it though. Sometimes it's almost too pure and I wish there was a bit more edge to it. Awesome frag though that to me is a lot better than Ambre Sultan.

    Sorry I haven't tried the other two. The amber note smells pretty similar in both of these but the rest of the fragrance makes them quite different. When smelling them though they are obviously related. 1st cousins at the least, if not brother and sister.

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    Default Re: Amber scents - just how similar?

    This is avery valid question, and I´ve been thinking of what really constitutes the amber accord as we know it. I believe a combination of vanilla and patchouli together with some resinous substance is the base in pretty much all amber juices.
    L'Artisans is my favourite hands down, the extreme one, and I can´t imagine how it could get any better for me. The Lutens left me pretty unimpressed, fantastic output though.
    Would love try the Hermès but am sceptical of the MPG since verything from this house has left me cold - I´m sure they´ve sneaked in their patented wet-soil-dirt-vegetable-moist flower-accord in there - yuck.


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    Default Re: Amber scents - just how similar?

    Solid perfume amber is typically a mix of labdanum, benzoin, and beeswax, with other ingredients depending on the recipe (perhaps patchouli, sandalwood, frankincense, and vanilla).

    Ambergris, as we probably all know, comes from whales. I've never smelled it in its pure form, but it's described as being somewhat like perfume amber (or vice-versa). Today it's largely been replaced with synthetic ambergris.

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    Default Re: Amber scents - just how similar?

    Try also Creed's Ambre Canelle, which is basically Ambergris and Cinnamon in a truly heavenly combination, or Acier Aluminum which has a decadent Ambergris and Vanilla drydown. They are both two of my favorate frags, though I have not yet tried the ones you listed, so I can't compare them.

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