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    Default Another turnaround story for Kouros fans

    Gentlemen, count me in as a real man now (even though I'm only 20).

    Well, today I was at Ulta, and decided to re-test the King: Yves Saint Laurent's mighty Kouros. Some people here mentioned that I should give Kouros one more try, as they thought that the tester at Sephora was probably bad.

    So, I spritzed some on, and I didn't get the piss note that I got the first time. Instead, I got a nice light opening... but the drydown is where Kouros really shines. There, I got smooth woody/spicy/honey notes that I liked a lot. Of course, there's the animalic edge people here have often mentioned, but it was smooth and subdued, like soft, furry creatures snuggling up. Now I can see why this is still YSL's best-selling men's scent.

    Make no mistake: this will be one of my next purchases, especially since I saw it at Target for $27.99 for 1.6 oz. After all, I just got a Target gift card for my b-day, so I'll add a bottle of Kouros to the other stuff on my next Target run.
    It's really quite pleasant, except for the smell (...)
    -"Mama", My Chemical Romance

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    Default Re: Another turnaround story for Kouros fans

    Peace ~ Markymark

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