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    Default Attention Baldessarini fans!

    Went to my local Marshall's today and found the specialty 1.6 oz. Baldessarini eau de cologne in the silver rechargeable container (with polishing cloth) for only $24.99! Last time I inquired about this at Saks, it was over $90. This would be a good deal even for the regular cologne, but in this beautiful packaging, what a find indeed!

    Even if you don't like Baldessarini, Marshalls has quite a bit out now for Father's Day. Some others I saw were the new Guess Men, Cool Water Deep, Davidoff Echo, Jaguar, Paul Sebastian Onyx, Azzaro Vetiver, Lavendar and Visit, Bulgari Extreme, Bulgari BLU Homme and the latest Dunhill (along with the typical finds like Grey Flannel, Halston Z-14 and Catalyst). I didn't see any M7, though.

    Definitely worth the trip. Happy hunting!


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    Default Re: Attention Baldessarini fans!

    I know I just picked up one today. Wow what a deal they also had the deo stick too!

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    Default Re: Attention Baldessarini fans!

    Thanks for the head's up! I bought this last night at my Marshall's. Really cool metal bottle case. My wife really likes this scent.

    I also picked up Escada Sentiment. I had $42 to blow from some pants I took back to exchange. I JUST LOVE COLOGNE!!!

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