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    Default Do you have a plan or goal for your wardrobe?

    Do you have a plan or goal for your wardrobe?

    In the beginning, my plan for my fragrance wardrobe was to find about five fragrances that I both liked and that worked well on my skin. *Later, I think I might have increased this to ten, and later to twenty.

    After a year and a half, and after testing hundreds of fragrances, I now have five very special favorites for my regular rotation, and about two dozen others that I admire enough to wear once in a while. *And, of course, I am always testing new fragrances.

    Lately, I have been thinking about having a new plan or goal for my wardrobe.

    I would appreciate hearing some of your thoughts concerning your wardrobes, and any plans or goals that you might have for your wardrobes.

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    Default Re: Do you have a plan or goal for your wardrobe?

    Or, if anyone would like to not ruin their interest in fragrance by having goals or plans, I would appreciate hearing that also.

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    Default Re: Do you have a plan or goal for your wardrobe?

    One goal I have it mind is to have a frag. for every occasion (summer days, night, winter, formal, etc.)

    Im not sure if I will ever be able to do this. Well, atleast for the moment. Maybe when I get out of university I could try.

    The thing is, I have sooo many more goals in mind before I start thinking about the number of frags. I own.

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    Default Re: Do you have a plan or goal for your wardrobe?

    At any given time, I have about 10 or 15 actual bottles of fragrance, and many more samples and decants. I keep my drobe small so that I don't spent too much money, but I swap pretty often in my quest to perfect it. It's been a very long time since i've actually bought a bottle.

    I use the samples both for fun and to decide what I want to swap for next. I've done this long enough that I like every bottle that I own, so it's difficult to choose the one that I'll swap away next. And just to be safe, I usually spray some whatever I'm swapping out into a sample vial to keep around. It's even getting hard to find samples of frags that I'd take over any of my bottles. Does this mean I'm nearing my goal?

    Really, I don't think there is a point in having more that 15 full bottles in a wardrobe. If you're going to have more frags than that, 10ml decants will do just fine. I know that if I were to add bottles to my collection at this point, there is absolutely no way i'd ever come close to using any of them up, especially since I apply quite lightly.

    So the moral of the story is, I swap and do not buy. But I swap a lot and my wardrobe is never the same for long. I still consider it a goal (albeit probably an unattainable one) to find a perfect collection that I have no desire to change, but I know that even if I get to that point, my curiousity will get the best of me, and I'll still be a basenotes fiend.
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    Default Re: Do you have a plan or goal for your wardrobe?

    I have to admitt that I have no plan at all. A couple of weeks ago I tried to categorize my collection into very subjective categories like: "Orientals Elixiers", "Gourmants", "The Spice Route", "Fresh, Green" and so on just to see if I should concentrate on a category in which I own only a few frags.

    What should I say: Absolutely ridiculous idea and I failed misserably! I own just a few fresh "summer scents" and although the temperatures are rising I tend to buy still heavy orientals and I own a lot of them.

    In the end I had to be aware (and I surlely knew it before but forgot it for a moment) that this hobby is about voluble things like memories, sound, vision. The only "use" frags have for me is to trigger all these sensations and to take for a walk without any destination.

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    Default Re: Do you have a plan or goal for your wardrobe?

    I don't have a goal in the sense that if I reach a certain point I'll stop collecting, but I'd say I've basically reached a goal in that I'm more or less content with the fragrances I own. My recent love affair with Geir has been integral to the peace I feel with my wardrobe. I can wear Geir any time and anywhere with confidence so anything else is just a fun extra that I don't really need. I also quite like many of the other frags in my wardrobe, and I like lots of the samples I get, but right now I, like Live Jazz, am happier trading and sampling that actually buying. In the future when I have more money and have firmly decided on a few new ones that I've fallen in love with then I may spring for a couple of bottles. Until then though, I'm just going to enjoy what I have because I'm really happy with my modest collection at the moment. I can't see myself ever giving up the hunt though, as I'm ALWAYS down to try something new. Whether I buy anything or not is another question.

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    Default Re: Do you have a plan or goal for your wardrobe?

    My goal is to have all my stuff worn to the liking of my nose and those around me.

    I want about 15 -20 amazing favorties that I would rate at a 9 or above. I have a good foundation so far and I am aquiring new scents that meet the highest tests to proove their worth. I hope to have my set in 5 years and never have to get a new bottle of anything. We'll see how that goes...


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    Default Re: Do you have a plan or goal for your wardrobe?

    I don't really have any goals right now with the collection. I want to weed out the crap I have before I was actually interested in scents. Other than that, I'm just fine having a huge pile of samples to keep experimenting with. Out of my current wardrobe, there's 6 out of 16 that I can't live without and 5 more that really like and would always want at least a small decant on hand for.

    So for the future...I dunno.

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    Default Re: Do you have a plan or goal for your wardrobe?

    My current goal is to obtain hard to find fragrances. I like to collect 'rare' fragrances....otherwise it looses it's novelty and the fun of 'acquiring' unique fragrances. Ultimately though, I think I'll rest once I've reached a thousand fragrances on my wardrobe. It would be great to have a collection of the world's rarest and unique fragrances. I'm looking forward to going to Neiman Marcus and 'test' Creed's Feuille Verte tomorrow. If I llike it, I'm willing to pay 500 USD for the 8 oz bottle and leather flacon. I already have a list of "must haves' on an impending trip to Paris later on in the summer.
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    Default Re: Do you have a plan or goal for your wardrobe?

    I don't have a goal. It's an ongoing hobby that makes me smile every day. I suppose I will only stop when I've sniffed every fragrance I find interesting, and own every one that that makes me say oooooooohh!
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    Default Re: Do you have a plan or goal for your wardrobe?

    A goal for a fragrance wardrobe is more like a restriction. I would rather get what pleases me as long as I can afford it and not care the size of my wardrobe or how it looks like

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    Default Re: Do you have a plan or goal for your wardrobe?

    My plan is to stop buying more fragrances, but it's a notable failure, sad to say. I just keep on sniffing and buying, sniffing and buying...

    Yr good bud,


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    Default Re: Do you have a plan or goal for your wardrobe?

    Good topic. I have a lot of reconstruction to do and building. This is an expensive hobby, so my drobe isn't being put together as fast as I want it to. In my drobe now, there are a few that I can truely say that I like and that I don't have a problem with. Some may be short lived ,lack of sillage, too popular, not fit for the season ,etc. The building phase is in process so I'm optimistic. I have a top 5 but I don't own some of them so I'm working on installing them so I can display my top 7 or 10 like the other members.. First on my list to get is Fougeres marine. Fm, for sure a top 5, which will be installed soon.. Haven't forgot about ya vijay....

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