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    Default Amouage Gold & Bandit EdP

    I'm testing out Amouage Gold for Men for the first time right now and what hit me just as hard as the first blow from the scent, is the strong resemblance to Robert Piguet's Bandit EdP. They both share the same loud and cacophonous opening with flowers. Gold stands out as somewhat soapy where Bandit heads towards leathery darkness. I actually find the florals to be more pronounced in Gold. Bandit just gets more soft in the drydown where as Gold stays a bit "stingy" to my nose.

    The gap between the two grows larger with time, but I just can't help but to point this out and I wonder if anyone else has made note of this? Maybe I'm just not accustomed to scents like these and therefore want to pair them together.

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    Default Re: Amouage Gold & Bandit EdP

    I recently received a sample of it from Vijay also (thanks!) and was completely overwhelmed, I just have to paste in the review I wrote after wearing it a day:

    "Wow, where to begin. Received a sample of this recently and had high hopes, after all this is supposed to be "The most valuable fragrance in the world"... Well, what can I say, let's put it like this - often less is more, something the good people in Dubai obviously do not grasp. This is a terribly messy, super powdery, aldehydic disaster. We often discuss cultural differences in olfactory perception on the boards, and this one may be the best example of such a clash. The floral and distinct middle-eastern vibe found in Gold just smells extremely feminine to my nose. It's actually very reminiscent of Chanel #5 with a pungent aldehydic, leather-like ooze sprinkled with like, well, most known flowers to man. Grandmother was the very first impression when smelling it. And although the vanilla in the base mellows it out somewhat, the overall feeling here
    is that of a mature women's perfume. Not what I look for & there's is just so much going on here -zero balance between the ingredients. It feels like the Amouage people just blended all kinds of exclusive raw materials together without any concept or feeling. Simply appauling. Check out the better (but still dissapointing) Dia if you must have something from this house. Haven't tried all of their stuff yet but this supposed "flagship"-juice indicates yet another manufacturer relying on gimmick and fancy bottles to sell their sub-par products. Powderbox-boquet-overload-meltdown - YUCK."

    I have warmed up to it a little since, but the reactions this has elicited from my friends have been hilarious!
    And my girlfriend compared it to the dreaded L'Air du Temps, one of the most revolting things out there IMO.
    I guess Gold is a product of two combined factors, the early 80s + a middle eastern approach to fragrance that just made this one a serious chock to sample for me, lol.


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    Default Re: Amouage Gold & Bandit EdP

    I find this one way too powdery and feminine too, and would accuse any male who enjoys wearing it of "perfume transvestism" (not that there's necessarily anything wrong with that, as they say)... as it's the olfactory equivalent of a pair of lacy panties. *If you're not into that sort of thing, try the Amouage Silver, or if you can find some, the Silver Crystal -- both are unique and excellent and show what this house is capable of in terms of male scents.

    BTW, it's made in Oman rather than Dubai...


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    Default Re: Amouage Gold & Bandit EdP

    ^^ oops, my bad, thanks for pointing that out

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    Default Re: Amouage Gold & Bandit EdP

    Ummmm. *Amouage Gold sounds like it would be right up my alley. *I'm fascinated by "feminine" scents for men. * ;D

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    Default Re: Amouage Gold & Bandit EdP

    Quote Originally Posted by Ronald
    BTW, it's made in Oman rather than Dubai...

    Ahem, another correction *. The juice for all Amouage products is actually made in France, shipped over in big containers to Oman, where it is hand packaged in the exquisite bottles.

    The nose behind these scents "Guy Roberts"

    Personally I like the Silver and Dia for men better than the Gold. But then its my personal taste.


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    Default Re: Amouage Gold & Bandit EdP

    I don't get the Bandit/Gold connection.
    Gold was love at first sniff for me. I had high hopes and was not let down.
    Bandit EdT & EdP not so much.
    Bandit always strikes me as "harsh" from first spray to dry down.
    Gold always seems so smooth.
    Kinda the opposite of your experience! Cool.
    "Ca sent les pieds!"

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    Default Re: Amouage Gold & Bandit EdP

    I love both the men's & women's Amouage gold......& i adore the dia both men's & women's.....
    My least fave of the line...Ciel..... The Silver is intriguing but a bit harsh for my tatses......both Dia and gold are smoooooth. *They are more sensual & romantic while the silver is more of a grab you by the throat overbearing brute! (which can be fun at times, for sure but only on a once in a while basis) *I like the Silver cristal better than the cologne......the richness helps mitigate the harshness somehow......

    P.S. I do get the connection between the gold and bandit ( I have the bandit parfum) There's a powdery sweetness both have. Bandit being more leathery. Of the 2 Amouage Gold wins for me hands down. Bandit Parfum starts off nicely.....heart notes are AWESOME.....drydown is lacking and smells like burnt rubber to me and loses all the beautiful florals that mixed so nicely with the leather and for me all that's left is a charred leather scent. i wish it stayed in the heeart notes phase because its gorgeous there!!!!

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    Default Re: Amouage Gold & Bandit EdP

    My vote is for Amouage Silver too. And: I just love Bandit (I have parfum). Drydown doesn't smell like rubber or harsh letter on me and I still smell florals and leather (and some musc too). Maybe my personal chemistry...

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    Default Re: Amouage Gold & Bandit EdP

    Iggy, I Wish I had your skin chemistry......

    I'll try it a couple of never could just be my cycle
    You guys are so lucky not to have to deal with multiple hormone ups and really does affect least on me it does!

    I do love the leathers though

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