Well, given the eonic wait for Gaultier2 here in the US, I was wondering out of curiosity if BPI took a page from the Microsoft Handbook of Product Release Dates like the software giant is doing for Windows Vista. They may be related closer than you think...

  • Announcement in August 2005.
  • Original US release date: February 2006.
  • Delayed to March 2006 due to launch exclusivity infighting.
  • Delayed to May 2006 due to ancillary product delays.
  • Delayed to June 2006 due to Madonna tour.
  • Actual US launch party was on May 23, 2006.
  • New rumor: Launch slipped again until fall.

  • Announcement (under codename Longhorn) in 2002.
  • Original release date: late 2004.
  • Delayed to 2005 due to technical issues.
  • Delayed to fall 2006 due to product revamp.
  • Official launch party mid-2005.
  • Launch date slips to early 2007 for consumer versions.
  • New rumor: All Windows Vista versions will be delayed until mid-2007.

See a pattern?

Fortunately, I switched to a Mac a few months ago due in part to Vista delays (and couldn't be happier). Unfortunately, there's no substitute for Gaultier2.