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    Default Re: Montale reviews - I'm new at this, so be kind!

    My Montale Soleil de Capri and my Amouge Dia for Men arrived today. What a pair of wonderful juices!!! :-*

    Vijay had sent me samples of both so it was one of my few non-blind purchases and I couldn't be happier with them or with Vijay's service.

    Several women were "ooooohing" and "aaaaaahing" over my choices. Amouge's bottles are things of beauty in and of themselves and the fragrance is ethereal. The Montale SdC is a winner too and it comes in a locking can I am in BN Heaven :P.

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    Default Re: Montale reviews - I'm new at this, so be kind!

    Okay, long-promised reviews follow:

    First, I did like the descriptions of two of the scents that are marketed as feminine and I was investigating as crossover and also, to potentially give as gifts..

    Aoud Queen Roses- This is a luxuriant and heady scent. It just keeps booming along. You get fragrance fatigue and don't notice it as much after about 15 mins, but the sillage keeps going on.

    Chypre Vanille - I like both Chypre and Vanille and so picked this. It is very nice, good sillage and longevity. There is another note prominent in the top and mid that I can't identify.

    Unfortunately for my crossover plans, these are both very feminine to my nose and while I'd enjoy getting close to a lady wearing either one, I don't think I could pull off either one on me.

    I'm note sure I've got the name exactly correct, but Greystone: This caused headache, so I can't really give a review. This is one of about 4 scents I've come across that I've had this reaction to.

    Fougeres Marines - I tried to like this. The top and mid notes are nice and well designed. Good longevity and sillage as well. Unfortunately, I think that marine scents are simply not to my taste. Vijay also sent 'Mare' by Creative Universe and that confirmed it, I just don't get marine scents.

    Sandflowers - Unlike the other Montales, this one doesn't come off strong on me. It might be that it is designed to be a more subtle scent. The second time I tried it (today) I can smell sand! What a creative idea! Overall, this is sweet and subtle. The sweetness is hard to place. It does not strike me as floral or citrus sweetness, I'd say a melon-type sweetness like honeydew, if anything. It's a nice scent I have no difficultly wearing, but it doesn't do much for me other than the creative difference of the sand element.

    I'm going to plow on and cover some of the other stuff I've been sampling because I can't remember which ones Vijay sent along and which ones are from other places.

    John Mac Steed - (blue tartan) - sweet, mild and innocuous. Longevity was ok, sillage was pretty much nonexistant. I don't have anything against it, but also nothing really for it.

    Quimbaya - This is likeable, subtle (decent longevity, low sillage on me) there are some different notes in this that mark it apart, but I found it to be a sweet, but not terribly distinctive scent. I could take it or leave it.

    Jean Pascal - This I really like. Good longevity, good sillage. It's a manly man scent. The depth of this really got me. It is one of the most nonlinear scents I've encountered. It goes from some typical cologne top notes to a middle that reminds me a bit of Aramis, to a smooth, genteel leather bottom. I went back to Vijay's site, to check the pricing and was stunned at how affordable this is ($35 for 4 oz). Cut an order last night.

    The Amouage Gold I tried once and need to try again before I come to conclusions. So I still owe a review.

    Let me disclaim a bit. I know I don't have the best nose. The reviews I've read by some of the other BNers here show many more notes than I can pick out. If I seem to be panning a complex favorite of yours it's probably just that I'm oblivious to what you experience. It may also be familiarity with individual notes. I cook a lot and have much more success figuring out what herbs and spices went into things than dissecting fragrances. My tastes also run strongly to bold masculine scents, usually fougere or orientals, although I do have some florals in my wardrobe.
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    Default Re: Montale reviews - I'm new at this, so be kind!

    I still have to try a few Montale samples that I received from Vijay. *Here's my take on the latest one I tried.

    Sandflowers - Next to Preparation Parfumee Andree Putman, this is the most subtle perfume I have ever smelled. *According to Montale, this perfume includes juniper berries, sandalwood and oakmoss. *When I first tried it, I used almost a third of the sample vial because I can barely smell it. *Once it settles, it smells like a newborn baby's breathe. *I'd like to get a whiff of the fragrance I am wearing so this one doesn't cut it or me.

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    Default Re: Montale reviews - I'm new at this, so be kind!

    First, thanks to all who added content to this thread. It's great to see so many reviews of Montale scents in one place. Thanks also for the compliments on my original post!

    Second, since this thread is still alive, Iíll add a few more reviews of some other Montale samples I received from Vijay (maisonstinky). As always, these are just my impressions, so I hope everyone takes them with a grain of salt. Also, as before, feel free to add, comment, contradict - whatever - this is about discussion after all.

    Blue Amber: Might as well start with my favorite of the new batch. This reminded me immediately of some great amber scents - Ambre Precieux, Amber Extreme, and Ambre Sultan, to be exact. So, I put them all on various parts of my body and compared them. I found that Blue Amber was not quite as round, buttery, and rich as AP. In that regard it was closer to AE. But, Blue Amber is more complex, and to my nose, more interesting than AE. AE seems to me to be mainly amber and vanilla. Don't get me wrong, AE is good - smooth, round, warm - but I find Blue Amber to be more interesting. As you wear it, you can pick up bits of floral notes wafting in and out. It's not quite as rich or exotic as Ambre Sultan, and not spicy like AS either. Blue Amber could be considered the daytime version of Ambre Sultan, as it seems less sultry and darkÖbut brighter, and possibly easier to wear. As you can see, I place this scent in some pretty good company!

    Soleil de Capri: What a fun, bright, summery scent. Another poster mentioned this smelled like Juicy Fruit gum to him. To me, it smells more like an orange push-up pop Ė at least for a while itís sweet and orangey, or maybe tangerine-like, starting with a sharp but sweet citrus blast, then getting more woodsy and floral as it develops. I find it totally unisex. I could imagine this one being great for casual wear on a hot day. Iím not sure itís my thing, but I can imagine it would be to the liking of many on this board.

    Royal Oud: I'm not sure how to review this one! It's kind of an oddity in my mind because it mixes some notes that I am having a hard time understanding together. It's got a fruity quality, which is listed as kumquat. (I've never eaten a kumquat, so I can't comment directly on how much it actually smells like one.) Mixed with that fresh fruitiness, almost in equal parts, is the oud. At times the medicinal quality of the oud contradicts the sweetness of the fruit, and at other times the two seem to complement each other nicely, with the oud providing some warmth, depth, and body. Each time I put it on, I am not so sure I like it, then the longer it is on, the more I start to like it. I had my gf smell it multiple times, and each time she liked it very much. I am still trying to decide what I think about it, but do think it's worth a sample, since it is pretty interesting.

    Aoud Lime: To me Aoud Lime seems to be a less intense, less focused version of Montale's Attar. It seems like a softer oud, rose, and sandalwood scent to my nose, especially after it dries down. Again, I find this one to be completely unisex. Oddly, I think Aoud Lime may be the most inappropriately named fragrance ever. I'm not sure I get lime at any point in the development of this scent. In fairness to Montale, they donít list lime as a note, at least in the listing I saw. Please don't take my comment about the name to mean that I don't like this scent. I do like it; I just donít comprehend the naming of it.

    Vetiver des Sables: First, I feel obligated to say that I am not a huge vetiver fan. Most, I wouldn't want to wear. In fact, the only one I do wear is Lutens Vetiver Oriental. Hopefully that will provide a reference point for this review. Vetiver des Sables seems to be a combination of vetiver and something with a menthol quality. Montale lists iodine as a note, but I donít get that as much as something like eucalyptus. To me it smells like an ointment for joint pain or an herbal liniment for bruises. Itís not my favorite Montale, but again, I am not a fan of vetiver.

    So far my faves from Montale are: Oud Cuir d'Arabie, Attar, Blue Amber, and Black Aoud.

    I hope these help!

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    Default Re: Montale reviews - I'm new at this, so be kind!

    I wanted to talk about the Montale oud line in general. A lot of members have Pm'ed me about it and had some questions about it.

    But before I do that, I wanted to thank and congratulate everyone that posted on *this thread (Robyogi's). The posts were good and unbiased. *Accolades were given to certain fragrances and some negative opinions were offered on some fragrances. But all in all it has been a very clean thread *. This is what this forum is all about, sharing of information, so that individually we can make an informed decision on the products that are being talked about

    Back to the Oud's :

    Members have asked me about the correct spelling, sometimes it has been spelled as Oud and sometimes as Aoud. This is how Pierre Montale has it on the description file and also on the bottles. Is there a difference in the product, I really don't think so, but maybe a member from the Middle East can give us a better answer. When I was living in India (A long long time ago * ) we used to spell it as Oudh.

    The following information is in Montale's description file provide to me, I modified it a little:

    What is oud ? :
    Oud has been used in oriental perfumery since the dawn of time. It is a fragranced ointment from Arabia, extracted from the root of the oud tree, preserved in a cave for several years; The oud oil is obtained by a thousand year old secret process. It is a smokey mystic aphrodisiac scent. Its subtlety and richness come from its vintage

    I must say that when I first used it , I did not really fall in love with it, but the second time I used it I could not stop smelling my hand. *So I must warn you sample at your own risk. These scents are intoxicating and addictive.

    Don't take my word for this, let me share an email from a member who got the samples , I will post a few lines of his message to me, I won't give out his name, he knows who he is and if he wants to validate it , I am sure he will do so in this thread:

    Hi Vijay, how are you ? Guess what happened today. I broke out the samples of montale again and put some royal oud on my daughter's wrist, rubbing it in with my finger. It smelled really good on her, as I thought it would. But here is the rub . As the day went on I found myself smelling my finger almost continuously. It seems as though it smells good on me also. I guess it's growing on me. Can't wait to try the aoud lime now. Is this normal with the oud's?

    Have a great rest of the weekend guys *.


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    Default Re: Montale reviews - I'm new at this, so be kind!

    sorry that i didnt realized this post before because montale is my top brand of the moment and i would like to collect almost the full collection : : :

    the ones that i have tested in these days are

    oudh ambre ,black oudh,oudh lime *simply wonderful no words to describe them

    sweet oriental dreams the bottle i decided to buy some days ago and this is my first from the montale line if you like rahat loukhoum or loukhoum by keiko mecheri probably you 'll like this the only gourmand i really like very very comforting scent

    the ones that i *ve also fall in love with are blue amber and chypre vanille these are the latest two creation and they will be soon added in my collection

    i also tested ginger musk very good ,elegant everlasting power on skin it stays potent even when you wake up having worn it the night before , definitely not for people who like very masculine frags ,but if you are not you will like it as i did

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    Default Re: Montale reviews - I'm new at this, so be kind!

    Yeah , it was kinda wierd, I did nott care for it at first. Though I must say that the oud did smell regal in a way when I first smelled it(after the gauzey thing subsided). I am not opposed to florals in men's scents, but at first this was too "rosey" for me and I apparently washed it off too soon because as Vijay said this scent can be addictive, just give it some time. Oh and consider your post validated Vijay- you are da man

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    Default Re: Montale reviews - I'm new at this, so be kind!

    Quote Originally Posted by mstrocovie
    Yeah , it was kinda wierd, I did nott care for it at first. Though I must say that the oud did smell regal in a way when I first smelled it(after the gauzey thing subsided). I am not opposed to florals in men's scents, but at first this was too "rosey" for me and I apparently washed it off too soon because as Vijay said this scent can be addictive, just give it some time. Oh and consider your post validated Vijay- you are da man
    Thanks for validating my comment mstrocovie , You really put a * on my face, after I read your post. Not for the validation part, but for your post, which I saw was your first post at Basenotes. I know you have been lurking for a while, at least this thread goaded you into writing your first post at Basenotes *;D. May there be many more .

    An official welcome aboard and a salute to you from me *

    Watch out for those Ouds, yes they are addictive, well at least to me they are *:-/.


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    Default Re: Montale reviews - I'm new at this, so be kind!

    OK, here we go. I am going to attempt to review some of the Montale line of scents that I got from "maisonstinky"-thanks again Vijay. I am not eloquent in the way I speak , so I won't try to be in this review. My typing would not allow it anyway.
    First I will assess the 3 ouds and the attar. Although they all are wonderful in a unique way I find that the 3 ouds are much more wearable by me than the attar and even that I find could grow on me.
    ROYAL OUD- This is the very one that I put on my daughter's wrist and couldn't stop smelling and my fav so far it's sweet and a little spicy and deeply intoxicating. BLACK OUD- WOW , what a scent ,it's a man's rose baby. ATTAR- Rose supreme in a fresh kind of way with sandalwood in there too-very unique and well done , as are all of the montale line.
    oud de ARABIE- I equate this to a brawl in a biker bar when you first apply it ,though it does soften up in time. Testosterone infused leather. GREYLAND- Really liked this one and it seemed familiar to me. So I investigated and found why. This scent reminds me very much of Armand Basi Homme with not as much cinnamon and a little more musk to it-both wear close to my skin and smell wonderful. WOOD AND SPICES- Sweet mix and as robyogi said not what I was expecting- but I kinda like it-the unexpected. And with that being said , I expect to be ordering one of this fine line of fragrances. And seeing that I will be receiving a couple more and have 5 more to test out, the one I purchase may be the the one that I least expected. As always BIG THANKS to you "maisonstinky" for turning me on to this fine line.

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    Default Re: Montale reviews - I'm new at this, so be kind!'s Cuir de Arabie....sorry :-[

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    Default Re: Montale reviews - I'm new at this, so be kind!

    Quote Originally Posted by MonkeyManMatt
    Ginger Musc - This one reminds me of a little of the Latest Gaultier (2), probably some cardamom in there. Not as strong and cloying as G2 though, and none of the amber bubble-gum stuff is present here, still reminiscent somehow. I really like it, however I feel it might be a tad to feminine for long term wearing. Fresh, fizzy & clean but with a strong character, not so much ginger though funnily enough.
    Got my sample package today (thanks a lot Vijay!) and I've only had time to try them real fast. The funny thing is that GaultierŹ≤ was the first one that came to mind when smelling Ginger Musk, so far my favorite together with Black Oud and Soleil de Capri. Alright, more comments to come.

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    Default Re: Montale reviews - I'm new at this, so be kind!

    Ok, here we go!

    Greyland- This is a very nice scent. It is like CDG 2 Man but without the smoky incence vibe. I really like the way this smells but I have come to the conclusion that I don't actually like wearing scents like this.

    Fougeres Marine- This one was a dissaopinting. There is an accord that is similar to an accord I get in Himalaya that ruins both scents. It is worse in this one. It gives me a big time bugspray vibe. Would be good otherwise.

    Soleil de Capri- Juicy Fruit, butter and a sprinkle of spice. Genius, though a bit odd.

    Lime Oud- This oud is just too bitter for me.

    Cuir de Arabie- This scent scares the shit out of me, and not in a good way. If you want some dark, brooding leather that will kick your ass than this is the scent for you.

    Woods and Spices- I get no woods or spices here, but rather sweet syrup. The naming puzzles me here, and I also just don't really like it.

    Patchouli Leaves- This is good stuff. Tons of amber in this. This is oversimplifying the scent a bit but it will at least give people who haven't smelled it an idea as to what it's like: this scent reminds me of a combination of Amber Extreme and Patchouli Patch.

    Black Oud- This is my favorite Montale scent so far. Took me a couple of tries to like this one, but now I'm quite fond of it. I get a lot of the oud smell and some pretty roses too. Out of every rose scent that I've ever tried, this is by far my favorite. Highly recommended.

    There are a few others that I might post about later. This is an interesting line, much different than anything else I've tried. There are a few duds but also some great ones that are worth looking into. Y'all should hit up Vijay and try some of these. Everyone so far has had different opinions, but if you just want to get a little intro to the line I would suggest these four scents: Black Oud, Patchouli Leaves, Soleil de Capri, and Greyland. I haven't tried all the scents though so try whatever sounds good to you.

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    Default Re: Montale reviews - I'm new at this, so be kind!

    Of the men's Montale line, I like Soleil de Capri. Yes, it does smell like Juicy Fruit, but its different and my girlfriend goes googoogaga over it. Aromatic Lime is very pleasant, though I'm not sure if its right for me.

    Greyland and Sandflowers were too similar to other scents for me to purchase.

    The real mystery is Fougere Marine. I've read a few reviews now that this is a marine scent, similar to GIT or Cool Water. I'm soooo not getting that vibe. The closest thing I could describe this scent as is potpourri, but I know that is doing it injustice. I'll keep trying...

    Overall, the house puts out very high quality, long last products, fitting with the above average price.

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    Default Re: Montale reviews - I'm new at this, so be kind!

    This is the thread that got me going for Montale scents, the beginning of a total change in perspective on masculine fragrances, like making a new start! Only in retrospect, I realize what happened in the past three months. Guerlain's Derby even faded for me, together with Chanel's Coco or YSL’s Rive Gauche. Even Bandit and Yatagan, while still favourites, lost some of their daring weirdness, looking a little pale now, not quite as strong any more! Has Pierre Montale spoiled my fun with older perfumes? No, not really. A few of those will just have to leave my wardrobe, and this transition period is a little difficult to cope with.

    I have tried and smelled the new fragrances (13 including ouds) often in the past months. I believe to be quite familiar with their effect on my skin and in a room (keeping scented tissues in separate sealed jars for convenience). Some of those that charmed me in the beginning have not remained favourites in the long run. Their quality of underlining felinity or masculinity is not always detectable for me. But I can say that Montale's own classification generally suits me fine. What amazes me most is their outspoken individuality! From Greyland to Jasmin Full – none is similar to the other (I am not talking about any ouds here which deserve a thread of their own). Only with a few houses one can say the same about their line. Great things have been already mentioned about several scents in this thread which is almost a guide. I do not need to echo that. Call me nuts, I not only appreciate, but really love most of the samples that got under my nose! Beyond the two mentioned, they are Patchouli Leaves, FougŤres Marine, Ginger Musk, and – favourite of the day - Sandalsliver! Thank you Vijay to have made all of this possible while the persons in charge in Europe were not very responsive!

    As much as I am ready to praise their scents – the house is not very customer friendly. Their website still is not working properly, would need an update, and does not take orders. As discussed on another occasion: for most scents Montale will indicate basic notes, for others they don’t. I asked Montale Paris questions concerning Aouds (email 4 weeks old) – no reply yet! Their local Agent carries no small units of anything, imagine! They also have no samples to offer (they will decant if you ask politely, Their local Agent carries no 50ml units, nor do they offer samples (they will decant if you ask politely, one at a time).
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