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    Default Different Neroli Notes. Why!

    Hi All,

    Maybe some of you oldtimer basenoters can help me out. Why do I love the scent of Creeds Neroli Sauvage and detest the Neroli in Czech and Speake Neroli, Cdg Anbar, Cdg Citrico. The former smells so fresh and verdant to me and the latter scents smell like some kind of bad curry to me. Almost like some ground cumin or something. Admittadly I had never smelled Neroli until my recent experiences of scents gleaned from this site. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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    Default Re: Different Neroli Notes. Why!

    For me Neroli sauvage is an unbeleivably beautiful smell. I wonder if its the green notes that underpin the start and middle which seperate it out.
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    Default Re: Different Neroli Notes. Why!

    Hi Rick!

    I cannot comment on CDG *Anbar* or *Citrico*.

    But I can comment on *Neroli Sauvage* by Creed and *Neroli* by Czech & Speake, and my opinions of these two fragrances are the exact opposite of yours!

    It appears to just be a fact that people have different body and skin chemistries and different preferences, and different people have different reactions to scents. *Still, I never cease to be amazed that other folks don't have the same reactions to fragrances that I do!

    Last year I had a 1/3 ounce decant of *Neroli Sauvage* by Creed, and I used all of it in my attempts to learn to like it. *But I never did learn to like it.

    Sometimes I feel like I might be the only guy on Basenotes who ever talks about *Neroli* by Czech & Speake. *I love it. *I have always had a thing for the neroli note, and this is a truly fantastic, long-lasting neroli. *I really enjoy wearing it, and I get lots of compliments when I do. *

    *Neroli* by Czech & Speake is my idea of "fresh". *No notes of melon or cucumber here. *No ozonic notes here. **Neroli* by Czech & Speake is basically a floral fragrance, since neroli is a flower. *In aromatherapy, Neroli Essential Oil is used to chase away mental depression, and *Neroli* by Czech & Speake has a cheerful, upbeat aura to it.

    The perfume note of neroli is generally a top note only and it usually disappears quite quickly. *But the note of neroli in *Neroli* by Czech & Speake lasts for a good six to seven hours on my skin (and usually, fragrances have a tendency to disappear quickly on my skin).

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