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    Default Davidoff Good Life! & Boss Bottled

    Well, I finally got to try out Good Life and Boss Bottled today... and I got mixed opinions!

    I wore Good Life to work and I the first blast of it caught my attention. and I loved the lavender right away! It was very boozey lavender smell but managed to smell very clean and soapy(in a GOOD way). I was impressed with the sillage and longevity I could smell it briefly all throughout work. The drydown is very pleasant and I got the most compliments on the first day than many of my colognes combined. First, a couple college girls actually came up to me and mentioned how good I smelled and I kinda smerked and said something "I'm just living the 'good life' ladies" they just kinda laughed and went "What?!" So I replied "Good Life by Davidoff" when the one girl replied something like "Ohh I love Cool Water, and that's good too!" Next, a lady around 25-30(could be older, she was attractive ) just told me I smelled nice and went on with her business. A few buddies in my dorm also asked what it was since they knew I had quite a collection. They enjoyed it as well. I seriously think I'm going to make this one that will go into heavy rotation. It's just a pleasant scent that makes you feel good.


    Boss Bottled: I really was anticipating this one the most. I wore it tonight(applied it about an hour ago for testing) and I'm disappointed. I was really hoping for more vanilla and cinnamon. At first I smelled a little bit of cinnamon that reminded me of my cinnamon candle when it isn't lit. Very generic and almost fake cinnamony. The dry down is what I reallly dislike. It's basically unsavory vanilla. Nothing jumps out at you at all. It's very bland, maybe I need to apply more next time. I can't comment on the longevity, but the sillage seems decent.

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    Default Re: Davidoff Good Life! & Boss Bottled

    Hey, I`m wearing Good Life today. I love this scent!

    Yup indeed, this is one of those scents that will give you compliments, for sure. It has an intoxicating green sillage. Figs, figs, some more figs, mixed with flowers and very sweet musks. Lovely ozonic notes gives wonderfull transparent freshness, to finish this what I call a grrrrrreat fragrance.


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    Default Re: Davidoff Good Life! & Boss Bottled

    count me in on the good life love-fest. Quite possibly my favorite green fragrance.

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    Default Re: Davidoff Good Life! & Boss Bottled

    You know, im not shocked that you found Boss Bottled disappointing. In fact, I feel the same way about boss #6. I know there are better vanilla flagrances out there, many of which I have tried, yet, I keep coming back to this one. I have no idea why. Maybe itís because I cant afford something new, maybe itís because I feel safe with this on, maybe its both. I donít know.

    All I can say is, give it a few more applications. Test is out on a cotton t-shirt. I found it smells better on that, then it does on my skin.

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