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    Default envy men vs. envy women?

    i went to nordstrom rack and bought 1ml gucci envy edt for like 20 dollars, then i sprayed it ( it was a blind buy ) and i thought it smelled strange but intriguing too so i kept it and i noticed that it didnt come in the horizontally wide bottle it came in a vertically tall bottle and i havent seen a mens version in such a tall bottle but i asked a girl and she said it was more a mans scent. so i found some site and it showed something id never seen before. a womens version of gucci envy ( not envy me ) and it was the exact same looking as this. did i get them confused and do i have the womens version? does it work well for men too?

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    Default Re: envy men vs. envy women?

    The men's version comes in, like you said, a bottle that is wide rather than tall. It is rectangular with a big black plastic cap and it has green juice. You definately got the women's version. Just so you know, in the future, never trust SA's (sales assistants). They don't know what they're talking about. I have no idea if the women's version would work for a guy, but since you bought it already why not give it a test wearing around the house and find out? I'd say unless it has really heady florals then it could potentially work for you. Just so you know, you can get a 1.7oz bottle of the men's version of Envy from for like $20 and it is a fantastic scent. Very fun to wear out on the town, you should check it out.

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    Default Re: envy men vs. envy women?

    I just tested Envy (men) for the first time and it's simply awesome (5 star) - Holy Grail like to my nose. Gordmans had it for $24 for a 1.7. Smooth, warm, a bit sweet and outstanding longevity. I could wear this in all seasons thanks to the touch of sweetness.
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