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    Default samples use please tell me

    i just have a curiosity in my mind ,i have a lot of samples vial more than 100 i think ; but i dont know what people in the board usually do ,do you spray on yourself wearing the fragrance for just one day , do you collect them to sniff the various frags from time to time ? or do you use them to taste on your wrist and write reviews about the fragrance

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    Default Re: samples use please tell me

    I use them to make my wife and daughter smile. Hitherto I had about one in a month, but now with suddenly 12 samples of l'Artisan and LV - a bit too much for them.
    LV has a sprayer, so it is easier to be used. Anyhow, I put them on my wrist and from time to time I sniff.

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    Default Re: samples use please tell me

    Quote Originally Posted by absynthium
    i have a lot of samples vial more than 100 i think
    I must have about 300

    They're pretty much just taking up space, but the reason I keep them is when doing a swap or a sale ... I usually ask the person if there's something they were looking to sample. 9 times out of 10, I have it.

    They're great little "extras" to give people ... even if you don't like the frag.

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    Default Re: samples use please tell me

    I think that I need to own a decant or at least and atomized bottle of something to get the feel for it. I need to wear it for days and in full. Samples are not my way of giving good reviews.

    I use them from time to time to just sniff. I like to remember what I have forgoten about. << That made sense! :-?

    They are just fun to try on now and then. It gives a general feel for the smell and sometimes is a good way to decide which to buy when it is down to just a few... That is just me..


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    Default Re: samples use please tell me

    I smell it on a paper strip, test on my skin then on clothing, repeat a couple of times a day or so later. Enter results in my own database. If I like it, I'll wear it for a day to see how it develops, perhaps order another sample to confirm. Never keep any old samples - my testing method seems to always give me a clear idea of the fragrance.

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    Default Re: samples use please tell me

    I hold onto them. Test and retest. When something new reminds me of something else, I do side-by-side comparisons to see what the similarities/differences are. Sometimes I compare a few that are in the same general genre.

    I don't need a lot of fragrance to wear for a whole day, so I also use them for full-day wearings to give them a full, proper test. I can get anywhere from 3-5 full wearings out of most sample vials. (This is obviously easier if they are spray samples.)

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