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    Default Tried lots of new things today

    Today I went out all morning and searched out as many frags. in the area as I could find, and I came across the Creed and Bond lines, as well as some designer stuff, so here we go!

    Millesime Imperial - Lord, this is Unforgivable. *Imperial smells more classy though, in such a way that I feel it would be justified to purchase this over Sean John's version. *The dry down is awesome on my skin, a little bit of a buttery musk mixed in with the notes...could this be the Creed house note? *If so, I really like it. *I usually dread the house notes of fragrances like YSL and Claiborne, but it works here. *I wore MI and Unforgivable on both wrists for comparison, and there really is none in terms of quality. *Sean John has an initial burst like someone spilled MI on the skin, and then it just sputters out after an hour or so, while MI features an excellent evolution. *It smells much different now than it did in its initial Sean John stage. I want to buy this immediately.

    Silver Mountain Water - Creed is now two for two in my books! *Wonderful clean smell...somehow this really captures an open air feeling, though it is just a smell! *The buttery note seems to be in this too, and it smells even greater because of it. *This house is absolute class all the way!

    Himalaya - Initially this was my favorite of the 3, but it dried into a little bit too much of a perfume-feminine note, and doesn't seem to feature the buttery accord that I really like in the others, which kind of killed the depth of it. *It has a little bit of a tart citrus that I really liked in its opening, but I think I'll be looking into a purchase of SMW and MI first. *

    In retrospect I'm a little disappointed I found the Creeds first, because the rest of my trip really was a comparative letdown. *I didn't try GIT because I really don't like Cool Water, and I passed on older Creed stuff for now because I needed to preserve my nose for more stops. *

    Bleecker Street - This is one of those where I spray it on the cards, put it in my pocket, and then all the cards smell like it. *Good scent with jumbo lasting power as I detected the cinnamon and vanilla immediately, but I kept detecting it every other sniff - even when it was put away!

    Scent of Peace - Cool bottle, alright smell. *It is good quality, but seems a little bit familiar. *Though I've tried scents with lily of the valley, I could never really remember what it smells like, but there is lots of valley lily goin' on here. *Not very much in-your-face, but more pleasant instead. *I don't think this justifies the asking price of $149.99, and this store considers that a deal. *

    Very Valentino - Just a blend of woods and spice...I really cannot detect much else. *It smells like a union of Obsession Night and Boss Soul. *This was the first thing I smelled after my Bond/Creed experience, so maybe my nose was a little tired, because I've heard good things about this.

    Style in Play - I always spray this because I like it, but I never buy it. *Good apple/liquor thing going on, but there are just so many more things to explore.

    L'Occitane Vert a la Menthe - Lemon, lime, and mint rolled into one. *Smells extremely zesty, with an oily undertone that is featured in a lot of L'Occitane fragrances. *The entire line of edts seems to border on the brink of a fragrance oil or potpourri, and this is no exception.

    L'Occitane Verbana - Not my cup of tea. *I thought it might be warm, but it has fresh, sweet house cleaner accord that isn't all that pleasing. *It smells like something I'd use to cover up a bad smell, but not one I would directly go to when I desire to smell good. *

    Hermes Orange - I wrote "Orange" on the card, so I'll stick with that name. *It smells like oranges all the way through. *I guess I'm not like that guy who made a post about craving oranges in fragrances, because this is just too much scent focused in not enough direction for me.

    Paul Smith Extreme - Hey, where'd ya go? *Nice opening, and then this literally jumped off the card I sprayed it on. *It only smells like a little bit of musk right now, and I'm only writing this an hour after I sprayed it. *

    One Summer - Nice and fresh, with a little melon in there, and it didn't set off my Gio detector, so I was surpised. *It may be a little bit too subtle and borderline feminine for me, so I don't think I'll consider buying it, but it is nice nevertheless.

    Gendarme - After so much praise, this is not what I expected! *It doesn't really smell like a whole lot at all, some fresh musk is about all. *It smells of perfume on my skin, and wears more like a faded women's fragrance than anything I would consider wearing. *Bizarre!

    D&G By - Ugh! *Smells exactly like the original Jazz. *There is something about these two that despite being labeled as fresh, they give off this very stuffy, cloudy essence. *I wouldn't recommend this to anybody.

    I was disappointed that neither the new L'eau par Kenzo or Very Irresistible Summer was located in any stores...I love the originals of both of them, and would have definitely been interested in purchasing either of these new variations. *Overall it was a good day, but I didn't buy anything. *I brought $100 with me thinking I'd be ready to tackle anything, and then I fell in love with the Creeds so much that I ended up picking nothing. * Hopefully I'll find an Internet deal!

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    Default Re: Tried lots of new things today

    Nice...I feel the same way about a number of things you tried.

    I MUST try Unforgivable tomorrow

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    Default Re: Tried lots of new things today


    Check out for online creeds. Check under the male and the female sections because the lists are different. Ambre Canelle is listed under female. I know the bond store in New York has the Creeds on sale as well.

    Good job on your reviews.

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