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    Default Bulgari Pour Homme Soir ???

    Can any one provide some info on this fragrance. I saw the bottle at Bloomingdale's today it's like a gray/black color shaped like the regular bottle.

    I wanted to spray it but with Fathers Day coming their was just too many fragrance sprayers in my face trying to push scents on me.

    Usually I avoid the fragrance counter until Fathers Day blows over....

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    Default Re: Bulgari Pour Homme Soir ???

    It is an entirely different scent from the original Bvlgari pour Homme.

    I don't know anything else.

    P.S.: Did Bloomie's get Gaultier2 in yet? I know that you don't like it, but I need to know; as they and selected Macy's stores are some of the launch stores.
    It's really quite pleasant, except for the smell (...)
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    Default Re: Bulgari Pour Homme Soir ???

    Here is a description from today on

    Described as a classic evening fragrance, the juice opens on notes of Darjeeling tea and bergamot, leading to a papyrus accord blended with amber.

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    Default Re: Bulgari Pour Homme Soir ???

    It's on Moody report indeed. Bulgari will relaunch ( new packaging) the classic Femme and Homme and will ad two new ones at the same time:

    "meanwhile for men, Bvlgari has updated the packaging for its Pour Homme and Pour Homme Extrême fragrances, and will introduce a new scent, Pour Homme Soir (left), in September.

    Pour Homme Soir is packaged in a distinctive black and silver livery. It will be available as a 50ml and 100ml edt."

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    Default Re: Bulgari Pour Homme Soir ???

    Thanks for the info to all....I've been trying to locate this one for a while now......Thanks again.

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