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Thread: Infini + Bandit

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    Default Infini + Bandit

    Hey guys!

    I have two questions:

    1. Is Infini (Caron) really suitable for men?

    2. I'm wondering how many guys here do like and wear Bandit (Piguet). If possible, please, some information about differences between extract, EDP (marked as for ladies) and EDT (marked as unisex/mens).

    Thank you all and have a nice weekend!


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    Default Re: Infini + Bandit

    I can't say much about the Caron question. In general, Caron's scents are a bit
    daring, even if intended for men. I am hesitant to wear any women's/unisex Caron
    besides Poivre / Coup de Fouet.

    Bandit is one I enjoy, but mostly privately. To me this is a strange hybrid of
    floral and leather notes. Femine and masculine at the same time. I'm reluctant
    to wear it to work very often, as it just seems a bit odd. But, it is strong and
    well-made, and sometimes I'm in the mood for it -- though mostly it's a private

    I have the EDP. Other threads have analyzed the differences with the EDT. Do
    a search on Bandit EDT. Regardless of which one, this will be an odd but strangely
    pleasant experience, I think.

    The real kicker would be to smell this on a woman. I expect not many modern
    women will want to wear this in public. A film noir femme fatale scent, that yet
    works on a man -- but barely.
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    Default Re: Infini + Bandit

    Thank you very much for your advice, Trumpet_guy!

    Good luck,


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