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    Default Creed Orange Spice Vs. YSL Kouros

    I am a fan of Orange Spice by Creed - however some people state that Kouros is very similar to it. I havent tried Kouros. Is there anyone else here who thinks that these two scents are similar?

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    Default Re: Creed Orange Spice Vs. YSL Kouros

    They are both very heady and agressive scents, they both open with some pretty heavy adehyde or aromatic action (I can't decide which--maybe both). There might be a touch of pseudo citrus--bergamot if I remember correctly-- in Kouros opening--which would be vaguely reminiscent of the orange in Orange Spice. The civet and honey in Kouros's drydown might suggest the Creed basenotes. They have a similar potency in sillage. Those are the only similarities I see. After the first 4 minutes, Orange Spice continues to be a citric scent, staying fun and playful (for a Creed), while Kouros moves to deeper incense and leather tones and a darker ambiance.

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