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    Default Eau de Reglisse by Caron

    I bought it yesterday from Harvey Nichols Dubai and got a gift with it which is an African neckles that alone is worth the transaction.
    From earlier postings on Reglisse, I did not know that its intro is dominated by verbena.
    It's half-way between gourmand and citrussy. Unique in its own way.

    Opens with honied verbena, and a little bit later you get the ginger/licorice accord, which gives the sent its gourmand-y feel. Somehow, I feel it's like candies from the fridge, but that soon softens into a warm woody base.

    It lasts fairly well. A very good modern Caron. I will stock up on another one or two bottles since it's a limited edition release.

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    Default Re: Eau de Reglisse by Caron

    I'll make a point and go a long way to smell any Caron, but I'm a little played out with the gourmand trend. It makes me wonder, does every house think it has to have a cake in its catalog?

    I'll still take the subway out to the store in my area that I hope will carry this one though. Verbena and ginger? I think that has to be smelled. With licorice? And on a woody base? Candies from the fridge?

    I really want the experience of smelling what KV has smelled so I can know these things too.
    Thanks very much for the review, KV!
    That girl, that bottle, that mattress and me.

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    Default Re: Eau de Reglisse by Caron

    I will have to take a look in Harvey Nicks in Leeds tomorrow to see if they have it in.
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