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    Default Play-doh cologne

    I meant to post this thread about a week and a half ago. Has anyone tested this scent or owns it? I can only imagine what it smells like.

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    Default Re: Play-doh cologne

    It is probably similar to Caron Pour Homme, but not as complex.

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    Default Re: Play-doh cologne

    There are actually at least 2 other threads on this. One in the men's board, and the original in the women's board. Good luck digging around to find them though.

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    Default Re: Play-doh cologne

    There is a certain almond accord in some fragrances that smells like play-doh. I wouldn't be surprised if it was that accord and not much else.

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    Default Re: Play-doh cologne

    There's something about Ambre Extreme's topnotes that strongly remind me of Play Doh.

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    Default Re: Play-doh cologne

    I kinda sensed that somebody posted on this cologne previously. I must have been on an internet vacation, my bad. It sounds interesting, but I think I'll pass. I heard St. Dupont's "Signature" sorta smells like Play-Doh, I've never tried Caron before.

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