For the longest time, the Basenotes Kouros bashers had me running scared, but the Kouros enthusiasts convinced me to give it a chance. After many tests, I slowly warmed up to Kouros and finally bought a small bottle at Target.

Even still, I was hesitant to take the plunge and give it a full wearing to work today. I dithered in the bathroom for about ten minutes deciding whether to go for the Kouros or just play it safe with Rive Gauche.

At work, I was talking to two very attractive female coworkers, one in her mid 20's and one in her late 30's, and asked their opinion of the Kouros I was wearing. No, I didn't get bitten and if either of them had the urge to rip my clothes off and jump my bones, they did a good job controlling themselves. In fact, their reaction was very indifferent. They both commented on a strong cedar note and said they preferred fresh, just out of the shower types of scents. To them, Kouros was just another fragrance, and not one that made a significant impression.

I'm still a little mystified by the intensity of debate on Kouros. I'm digging it, but I don't see it as the holy grail. And as a 'risky' scent, there are a lot of sweet gourmands and orientals that I find a lot less wearable. I'm also struck by the simliarity between Kouros and Paco Rabanne, but Paco rarely gets discussed and does not seem to be nearly as polarizing--I wonder why? To anyone who has not tried Kouros and is following the discussions about it on Basenotes, I would advise putting all the noise aside and just approach it like every other scent.

Now GREY FLANNEL is one that I'm afraid to wear in public!