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    Default Our beloved Kouros has an Oriental cousin!

    Balenciaga Pour Homme (1990)

    Ah, the package/bottle combination is so much tied to the time of its release: Really, couldn`t be anything else but the year 1990. It`s not kitchy enough to be 80`s, but certainly not "correct" enough to be much younger.
    I like that white-green thing, btw. I like it alot.

    The start of this scent is not that pleasant, but it immediately is captivating: To me the top notes smells exactly like a bit raw rhubarb was dipped in honey. It`s very tart, biting start indeed.

    At this point it is extremely hard to believe that this is actually an Oriental fragrance. And to be honest, to me this ingredulous feeling follows all the way through the duration.
    Okay, let`s call this Oriental, but I think it`s very borderline: It has some heavy Fougere nuances, and more less Chypre ones. Complex scent, that don`t even need that much to be categorized.

    After half an hour that sharpness has quite much settled. Still at this point, to me this scent is very raw and unsensual. Like a squeezed lemon juice in a jar of floral-honey. Few drops of diswasher detergent thrown along. Interesting, but not too likeable.

    Quite strangely, after one hour or so, this scent seems to change its course in remarkable style: It must be the benzoin that takes slowly over the tarty citrus notes, while honey is obviously still in predominant part. Scent is very close to the skin. It`s still a bit sour, but benzoin gives it some caramelisized charachter, yet not overly so. Actually, well done balance with sweet and sour.

    This is one of the most liveliest scents I`ve ever discovered. And the most amazing thing is that now that I`ve test this few times, it seems to behave quite differently everytime! And another thing; this is one of those scents that seems to disapper in sometime, and you already are disapointed with the longevity...And then suddenly, there it is again - out from nowhere seems to come that honey note again, and you are eager to catch a sniff what else is still in there. This is amazing, and quite frankly, sometimes quite irritating quality, this lost and found.
    Naturally, it must be the case of skin temperature here. And, that is why I think this scent is actually at its best in the summer - I`m sure the heat will treat it nicely, indeed. I can`t wait to try this when it`s get hot!

    Traces of a basenote in this scent reminds me of one specific candy I know. I`m not sure exactly what`s in that candy, but it is slightly flavoured with honey, I suppose. It is not actual honey-candy, but there must be some essence used...It`s quite sticky and juicy, too.

    Also some woods appears to be in the base of Balenciaga, giving it just slightly a insency quality. Honeyed woods in the vein of Kouros.

    Yes, Kouros!!! This is only another scent of the two that occured to my mind with Balanciaga. (Another one is Miel de Bois, but Balenciaga is eventually much more wearable, much more sensual)

    No one could ever claim that Balenciaga Pour Homme wasn`t some sort of relative, even close one, to Kouros. It lacks of the animalic vibe, as well as most of the greens of Kouros. But that honeyed, a bit urinal, and a bit detergented character with insence accords is so similar, that I honestly think my headline for this thread is at least justified.

    apart from the scent itself: What is it with these discontinueses?? For instance this one, I wonder who was that
    idiot-enough person to make that desicion? And what was it all about??
    Yet, I`m the first to admit that "discontinued" stamp adds a huge load of charisma to the scent. And harder to get, better, and more exciting. That`s the way it goes.
    And so, how do I wish to get a large bottle of this someday. Until that, I have to manage with my two miniatures.

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    Default Re: Our beloved Kouros has an Oriental cousin!

    Balenciaga PH makes my top 5 or 10 or 15 - whatever - lists. I find that the opening notes are massive amounts of spice. Then caramel/honey, spice, and incense. Then as it dries down further the incense note comes through more and more, until the end, when it's mostly incense, with hints of spice and woods. It lasts forever on me, even a spray or two. I find it's a thought-provoking, formal-wear frag.

    I bought it blind some time back and started a thread:

    There are some other reviews in that thread.

    I can see some relationship to Kouros, in the honey and incense, but I don't get any of the cleaning agent smell in Balenciaga. On me Kouros is just very "clean" smelling, like a cleaning spray. I also don't get as many floral notes out of Balenciaga as I get out of Kouros, or maybe they're not as up-front in the mix. Next time I wear BPH, I'll have to keep this thread in mind and see what I can pick out.

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