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    Default Wearing a new scent first time and initial memory?

    Hey there, this may seem like a very weird question

    As Im sure all basenoters know, scent is the sense most linked to memory. When we smell a certain scent, we are returned to the memories associated with it, oftentimes incredibly vividly

    My question is: are you hesitant to wear certain scents only in 'appropriate' situations or situations you know will leave a pleasant memory, as to avoid having a scent you really like retain a memory you'd rather not?

    Are you scensored (sorry, had to :P) in your selections, or do you try to 'create' memories for different scents?
    If wearing a scent for the first time, are you careful where you go or what you do while wearing it?

    Once again this may seem weird, but im genuinely curious

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    Default Re: Wearing a new scent first time and initial mem

    I think the answer to that would have to be YES. *While some may deny it, there are plenty of topics that people have created lately asking what he or she should wear to prom, a date, a wedding, etc. because we all really want to wear something point-specific to lock in a special association for a special time. *That's why many members have SOTD's that are usually casual or business, assuming you can't have a day of lasting memories planned everyday (ex. work, work, work), so we wear more things of personal comfort and weigh less on wearing something to create memories for others. *I personally like to think that on B-Notes our taste is so good that it doesn't matter what we wear in order to leave a pleasant memory (except for the Kouros crowd). *;D

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    Default Re: Wearing a new scent first time and initial mem

    HAHA....This does bring back memories....but not specific ones...strangely enough...
    When I read this all I could think of was the only 5 scents I ever wore when I was little....ready?


    HAHA! ;D
    I forget what PHOTO and STOCK even smells like :'(

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    Default Re: Wearing a new scent first time and initial mem

    You know, that's a really good question I've often thought about. I do tend to wear the ones that I really like/feel that are special to positive occassions. Also, when I already have a good memory about a fragrance, I try not to ruin it by wearing it on 'boring' times. Terre d'Hermes is now linked to walking through the hot streets of Rome, and I try to keep it that way. Unfortunately though, scent memories can be overwritten..
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    Default Scent/Memory?

    I know that a fragrance could easily become associated with an unpleasant memory, so if I was going into a potentially distressing situation, I MIGHT avoid wearing a favourite fragrance.
    There are few fragrances I like, and I actually only own two (MV3 and Zagorsk) of those at this time. These fragrances have no external associations, and are so connected to myself that I don't know if externals COULD change my feelings about them. But as I said, I might be tempted to forstall any such possibility.

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    Default Re: Wearing a new scent first time and initial memory?

    I wear JHL only on very formal occasions. (Like Antaeus, JHL is, for me, a strictly formal scent.) I love it so much (JHL, that is) that I refuse to wear it to formal (and business attire) family events (e.g., funerals, weddings, christenings etc.), as I genuinely dislike some members of my very dysfunctional clan. The last thing I'd want to do is forever ruin JHL for myself by wearing it in those situations in which I might end up associating the fragrance itself with some of the knuckleheads and conflicts in my family.

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