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    Default Broken Pump on My Creed! What to Do?

    I have a 2/3rds full bottle of Acier Aluminum (my all time favorite fragrance) which managed to suffer a broken spray cap (it just kinda fell off one day). The top "spray head" or whatever you want to call it came off, and won't stay back on. I can still spray it by carefully putting it back on and pumping as usual, but a bit ends up leaking out and no matter how hard I press it won't stay on. Seeing as how expensive this stuff is (I got it on sale for $90!), the leaking is pretty annoying, and I would have expected better quality from such a prestigious brand (my other Creeds haven't had the same problem, but I'd imagine it could happen). Any suggestions?

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    Default Re: Broken Pump on My Creed! What to Do?

    Hi, I had a thought about your problem. It's just possible that a consumer rep at Creed might sell or ideally, give you a replacement spray top that could be screwed on. Short of moving it to another bottle I don't know what could be done. Try calling. They must have an 800 number.
    I had a chlorox bottle that had a pin-hole leak, made a terrible mess in my cupboard so I called just to let them know (it was actually the second time this same thing happened to me). They were nice about it and sent me a coupon for a free one.
    It might be worth a try. Those sprayers are so cheap, just plastic and flimsy springs.
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    Default Re: Broken Pump on My Creed! What to Do?

    Just contact the Creed sales representative at the store where you purchased the product. Request a full replacement bottle for the defective bottle or -- if you like -- a replacement bottle of another Creed scent of the same price or greater and pay the overage. I had the same sprayer problem once and some other problems, and was always completely accomodated by the store Creed representative either in person or by mail. (This was for purchases from Neiman Marcus in Atlanta, Beverly Hills and Newport Beach.)

    "Ask and ye shall receive."

    Good luck.

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    Default Re: Broken Pump on My Creed! What to Do?

    I appreciate your help, but unfortunately I live in the middle of nowhere (Central Pennsylvania), and there isn't a store that sells Creed products within 3 hours of here. Being in college, I don't get to travel much, so I bought my bottle online (not to mention the price was a lot better than the department stores... but I guess you get what you pay for! ). Since the warmer weather is here, I decided to just not worry about; there isn't much left, and if I'm careful there really isn't much spillage or wasted product (now that I have "the technique" down). You'd just think that a $100+ bottle of cologne would have something more than a cheap gold-plated plastic spray mechanism...

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    Default Re: Broken Pump on My Creed! What to Do?

    Coming from someone who knows how customer service operations "work" I have to say: Ditto what Shriner and kumquat said. If it were me I'd contact Creed directly. Send them an email if you're shy. You might be suprised at the response.

    (interesting, the site features 2 "contact us" links on their page that are easily visible - already a good sign)

    Many companies will go the extra mile and give you a replacement for a defective product to keep you happy, and here's why: It typically costs far more to lure new customers in than it does to keep existing customers happy. A luxury goods manufacturer has to be particularly attuned to customer satisfaction. Broken spray mechanisms don't do them much good if it keeps you from a future purchase after all, as there is a lot of competition out there.

    Anyway - seriously! Just ask. 2/3s of a bottle is nothing to sneeze at when it comes to Creed. The online retailer that sold you the bottle might be willing to deal with you as well, although if I'd bought it on eBay or a private party I'd probably go straight to Creed for a replacment.

    Barring that option, you can always get a pair of pliers, pull the spray mechanism apart, and decant it into a new bottle. I've done that before too, although if it were MY Creed bottle, I'd be on the phone getting a replacement.

    Good luck!

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    Default Re: Broken Pump on My Creed! What to Do?

    OK I'm on a tear...
    Another Creed website to try:

    This one even features a direct email address:

    I bet you'd get a response from that one!

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    Default Re: Broken Pump on My Creed! What to Do?

    Thanks Mao, I'll give that a shot when I have some time. I decanted a bit into a smaller pump atomizer I have and put the rest away for the summer (not really a summer scent, though it may be good for a few special evenings). Thanks again!

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    Default Re: Broken Pump on My Creed! What to Do?

    Shriner is right! I had the same problem with Shiseido and Guerlain. Both companies were very cooperative. The Shiseido salesperson gave me a new sprayer (you could easily screw the new one on the half used bottle) and the Guerlain SA gave me a whole new bottle of edp!
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    Default Re: Broken Pump on My Creed! What to Do?

    You could just send it to me.

    I can't imagine you having to suffer like that with damaged goods. Its the least I can do to relieve you of the painful memories associated with such faulty workmanship and shoddy quality!

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