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    Fragrance storage and preservation information has always been ambigous to me. Although there is some good information revealed in previous threads on this site, I still wasn't satisfied with any particular method.

    Jean Kerleo was the house nose at Patou from 1967 until 1998. He is the founder of Osmotheque, the "living perfume museum" in Versailles.

    I contacted Osmotheque to see if they could provide clarification regarding fragrance storage, temperature etc. I told them I kept my fragrances in a refrigerator. Their reply was as follows:

    "Exactly. This can appear strange, but you must store your perfume in the rerigerator, safe from light, and in the cold."

    They recommend a temperature of 10 degrees celsius for most fragrances, and 4 degrees celsius for citrus fragrances.
    "...The history of perfumery before this subdivision of niche was manufactured, both literally and imaginatively, is a long one, with thousands upon thousands of fragrances. The true fragrance lover takes each fragrance one at a time, and examines it preferably outside of the imaginatively manufactured categories and, in doing so, builds up a steady, informed basis for seasoned comparative judgments based on the sampling and information gathered from such sampling. This is why any one on the board who ever has anything particular interesting to say about fragrances as fragrances rather than as categorical constructs always has an abiding interest and passion for all kinds of fragrances and not just a narrow niche of fragrances. Conversely, the "niche whores," the more and more narrow their interests become, the more and more they mimic the ad copy of the very companies they worship. I know whose posts I like to read..."

    “Perfume is decidedly not about two things: it isn’t about memory and it isn’t about sex. Perfume is about beauty and intellect,” .......... “A perfume is a message in a bottle—not a smell—and the message is written by the perfumer and read by the person who smells it.”

    Book recommendations:

    Perfumes: The A-Z Guide
    The Emperor of Scent
    The Perfect Scent
    Scent and Chemistry

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    Thanks for the info. I guess that means everyone nees 2 fridges (at least) set to different temps!

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