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    Default Re: Similar Fragrances

    Atinay, to each nose his own 8)
    To me they both smell equally citrussy (shitloads of yuzu for sure), aquatic, light and horrible. I agree Happy is somewhat more orangey though. Dunno with the rest of you guys but the stuff that generally comes out nowadays is getting harder and harder to tell apart. I think before houses would«nt really launch something unless it had some character. Now like with everything else it«s only about money. The thing I really believe in though is that serious development and work can pay off big time, Look at Le Male-very original and Gaultiers only male scent-top seller in all of Europe yyear after year -surely a fantastic investment and set to rape all annual CK -crap launches forever!


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    Default Re: Similar Fragrances

    My Moschino Uomo?/212 experience fits nicely in here.
    To the ultra similar Emporio White and VersaceJC i must now also add Davidoff Echo which particularly echoes E A White!

    More clones?

    /m Ê

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    Default Re: Similar Fragrances

    Found two more set of perfect twins:

    Austin Reed for men- Carbon copy of Allure

    Platinum Ego•ste - Exactly like Decleor«s Un Air D«Java

    More Clones????


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    Default Re: Similar Fragrances

    Minotaure = Dunhill Desire Red (well very similar) = Diesel Plus Plus

    My flatmate at the time couldn't tell tham apart! I could but a great deal in common.

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    Default Re: Similar Fragrances

    Yeah they«re all quite heavy on vanilla are«nt they?

    Yeah and also, I might have mentioned it earlier, Sud Est and Photo are super similar!


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    Default Re: Similar Fragrances

    Some more twins:

    Bulgari pour Homme & Bois de Filao Comptoir Sud Pacifique

    Rive Gauche YSL & Azzaro pour Homme

    Agua de Loewe & Eau D Issey Miyake

    Royal Bain de Champagne by Caron & Flower by Kenzo
    (both supposed to be multigender fragrances, but I doubt about "Flower&quot

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    Default Re: Similar Fragrances

    cool water = git

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    Default Re: Similar Fragrances

    For me, I found that Linx/Axe ( axe over here ) Africa is VERY similar to Givenchy - Pi.

    Axe Africa also is very similar to Axe Kilo... But I havn't been able to find Kilo in Europe.

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    Default Re: Similar Fragrances

    Creed Bois du Portugal and Nicolai New York
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    Default Re: Similar Fragrances

    Gucci Pour Homme and Cuiron

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    Default Re: Similar Fragrances

    Claiborn Sport (1997) and Dali Le Roy Soliel (1998).

    So very similar, except that the Dali has a bit more depth, less of a synthetic feel and removes a nasty note that was lurking somewhere there in Sport. I was surprised to see that the Claiborn came out BEFORE the Dali ... had always assumed it must have been the other way around.

    ..."net", not "naut".

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    Default Re: Similar Fragrances

    I'd also say Gucci Pour Homme = LV Piper

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    Default Re: Similar Fragrances

    I think that Drakkar Noir and Francesco Smalto smell extremely similar...

    Also, Spark by Claiborne and Pi by Givenchy smell very similar to me

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    Default Re: Similar Fragrances

    On my first wear of Ungaro III it reminds me a lot of Good Life

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    Default Re: Similar Fragrances

    Quote Originally Posted by ironmics
    On my first wear of Ungaro III it reminds me a lot of Good Life


    It burns!!! :'(

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    Default Re: Similar Fragrances

    I'll bite the fragrance game!

    Gendarme and TM's Cologne are very similar to me, but I really prefer Cologne.

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    Default Re: Similar Fragrances

    Quote Originally Posted by IPaidForThisName


    It burns!!! Ê:'(
    Haha but I like Good Life

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    Default Re: Similar Fragrances

    BTW has anyone tried Austin Reed for men?
    It«s such an obvious attempt to copy Allure, a successful one if looking for total similarity.
    Also I get the feeling that Dunhill Edition (lovely btw) must have some counterpart out there?


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    Default Re: Similar Fragrances

    Thanks for all the replies guys.
    When sampling in the city today I came to the conclusion that CK Crave and Escape are also very similar-equally horribl to IMO...


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    Default Re: Similar Fragrances

    Is it just me or does Lorenzo Villoresi Musk and Caron«s Royal Bain de Champagne have a LOT in common???


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    Default Re: Similar Fragrances


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    Default Re: Similar Fragrances

    Ungaro II's dry down is very, very similar to Jacomo de Jacomo's!

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    Default Re: Similar Fragrances

    To me, Axe phoenix smells like a cheap version of Calvin Klein Escape.

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    Default Re: Similar Fragrances

    I tested Comme de Garcons 2 yesterday and thought somebody has filled the bottle with Gucci pour Homme.

    Even the lady at the counter noticed the similarities.

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    Default Re: Similar Fragrances

    Dreamer, D&G ph, The new dunhill and D&G by all smell the same

    Creed Smw = CK one
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    Default Re: Similar Fragrances

    ÊRomeo gigli=Varon Dandy
    ÊEau du Sud=Eau sauvage
    TOP 5:'''''''''''''''

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    Default Re: Similar Fragrances

    For those that like Caron 'Pour Un Homme'...You may also want to try Molinard Les Senteurs 'Patchouli' (very similar). I also think Burberry 'Touch' smells a lot like Christian Dior 'Fahrenheit'...only a little lighter.

    Larry 8)

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    Default Re: Similar Fragrances

    Creed's Green Valley reminds me a lot of Fahrenheit as well.

    Herrera for men at times is like SMW.

    There's also a connection between Himalaya and the older Montana pour Homme (red packaging).

    Montana is also similar to Havana Reserva by Aramis.

    BUT: If some might think Himalaya then is like Havana: No way!! Completely different. Strange fragrance world ...

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    Default Re: Similar Fragrances

    Quote Originally Posted by ls.ten.eleven
    For those that like Caron 'Pour Un Homme'...You may also want to try Molinard Les Senteurs 'Patchouli' (very similar).
    Larry 8)
    Larry the great is back posting on occasion! Glad to have you, but on this post I must strenuously disagree. I have both Pour Un Homme and Les Senteurs Patchouli, and while I am not going to call my friend a madman, I can't see how they're alike in any way no how.
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    Default Re: Similar Fragrances

    This is another one of my trashy posts. I feel the urge to draw a parallel between Beleaf by The Body Shop and Felce Azzurra, which is a widely known (in Italy) line of bath/body care products.

    The two entities smell practically the same.

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