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    Default Re: Similar Fragrances

    Versace Dreamer and Salvador Dali's Laguna smell virtually the same!! Laguna's just a little more "salty" smelling.
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    Default Re: Similar Fragrances

    I've been meaning to post on this, as it struck me after smelling the drydown of BLV notte, and trying to figure it out for some time, that it = Laguna to me; if not exactly then maybe Laguna's just a tiny bit sweeter. BLV notte is deeper and evokes the same thing better.

    I don't disagree with maybe some similarities with Dreamer as well though that never struck me.

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    Default Re: Similar Fragrances

    Yesterday I did a side by side sniff of Himalaya and Paco XS and the resemblance is uncanny. I DO think that the Creed is slightly more pleasant and subtle, however the similarity was just to noticeable to pay more than 3 times more for the latter.


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    Default Re: Similar Fragrances

    I hate to say it, and it took me about 20 years to realize it, but Obsession for Men is really really similar to the discontinued Mark Cross cologne.

    Now, as much as I do love Obsession, the Mark Cross cologne was more focused and absolutely brilliant. Obsession, Macassar and Mark Cross are my three favorite orientals from the Eighties. Please someone make Mark Cross come back!

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    Default Re: Similar Fragrances

    Glad to have you, but on this post I must strenuously disagree. I have both Pour Un Homme and Les Senteurs Patchouli, and while I am not going to call my friend a madman, I can't see how they're alike in any way no how

    Well...disagree if you must. : I've been wearing them both interchangeably for the last couple months. Their drydown's are very similar. They both smell kinda vanilla-ish and 'play-doh-y' at the end of the day...yum-yum-m-m-m! 8)


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    Default Re: Similar Fragrances

    Middle notes of Eau Sauvage and Taylor of London - English Lavender.
    In rotation: Greenbriar (new), Silver Mountain Water, Dunhill for Men (1934), Acqua di Parma Colonia, Habit Rouge EDC, Ho Hang, B*Men, Agua Brava

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    Default Re: Similar Fragrances

    While sampling today I discovered that Clarins Eau Dynamisante is a carbon copy of Eau Sauvage, even shorter longevity though (if that«s possible...).


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    Default Re: Similar Fragrances

    Well found yet another "connection" today:
    Bvlgari«s Eau ParfumŽe au ThŽ Verte Extreme and Cartier«s
    Declaration are super similar, except for the loud cumin in the latter.


    More twins?

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    Default Re: Similar Fragrances

    Sniffing my new ST Dupont Signature and I«m realizing it is actually very similar to Azzaro«s visit. They both are heavily focused on pepper, incense and woods. The only noteable difference that I can pick up on is a tad vanilla in the base of Signature and somewhat lesser potency. Otherwise these 2 are practically identical.


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    Default Re: Similar Fragrances

    Creed's Orange Spice is very very close to Yves Saint Laurent's Kouros. Orange Spice is a bit better of course. : ;D

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    Default Re: Similar Fragrances

    Just tried Clive Christian: X for men - similar to Creed's Cypres Musc IMO

    Boucheron pour Homme - similar to Geoffrey Been's Bowling Green

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    Default Re: Similar Fragrances

    Cinema = Chanel Chance = a number of other (white) florals harking back to numberless classics... (Diorissimo, etc...)

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    Default Re: Similar Fragrances

    chic for men similar creed new tabarome
    Touch for men Burberry similar farenheit
    TOP 5:'''''''''''''''

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    Default Re: Similar Fragrances

    I was wearing some of my sample vial Centaure the other night and during the drydown phase, I was quickly reminded of Ungaro III's earlier stages. I don't know if my nose was mistaken or what the two may have in common, but definitely was a connection there.

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    Default Re: Similar Fragrances

    Adding a couple of ones on this old mastodont thread:

    Jasper Conran/Mugler Cologne/Creed OV (but in reverse order qualitywise)

    Floris JF and Davidoff Cool Water

    Floris Santal and Gucci Envy

    CdG2Man and Gucci Ph

    Please add other "twins", soon we«ll have a serious catalogue of similar scents. Although subjective at times of course


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    Default Re: Similar Fragrances

    Angélique Encens and Ambre Précieux

    edit 11.07.05: I own both now. They are not as close as I saw them when I only owned a sample of Ambre Précieux.

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    Default Re: Similar Fragrances

    K, you'll appreciate this one: *Le Roy Soliel Homme* is *Lacoste Booster* if it were available as an EDP.


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    Default Re: Similar Fragrances

    To me Rive Gauche it's very similar to Antaeus.

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    Default Re: Similar Fragrances

    I just sampled the new Tommy Bahama for Men today and it smells an awful lot like Gucci pour Homme.

    But what REALLY gets me is that the bottle is a total rip off of Costume National Scent!

    Not only does it smell like something else, it looks like something else, too!

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    Default Re: Similar Fragrances

    Take Le Male, take out a lot of the cedar, put in more floral notes, and you get Armand Basi Homme!

    Since I like both of them a lot, I tried layering them, and they practically cancelled each other out!

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    Default Re: Similar Fragrances

    Armand Basi Homme smells a lot like Cristobal IMO.

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    Default Re: Similar Fragrances

    Krizia Uomo is very similar to One Man Show, just darker!
    Tuscany is a brighter/lighter without ambergris Azzaro pour homme...

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    Default Re: Similar Fragrances

    Oh yeah, I absolutely agree about Azzaro/Tuscany, a little more citrus topnotes in the latter though.


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    Default Re: Similar Fragrances

    I think L'Instant men's version has a lot of similarity to Contradiction for men, but mostly in the basenotes of contradiction.

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    Default Re: Similar Fragrances

    I saw Romeo Gigli and Ungaro II in this thread with different likenings. (Is there such a word?)

    To my nose Romeo Gigli smells very much like Ungaro II.
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    Default Re: Similar Fragrances

    I mentioned this somewhere already I think, but I find the feminine Dune very similar to D&G's By Man, not identical but similar even if Dune seems a bit heavier at first

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    Default Re: Similar Fragrances

    Biotherm's Aqua Fitness,, is extremely similar to Frederick Malles Cologne Bigarade.

    Aqua fitness is from 2000, FM CB is from 2001 ?

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    Default Re: Similar Fragrances

    aromatics elixar by clinique & aramis 900 ;D

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    Default Re: Similar Fragrances

    Coast deodorant soap and Drakkar Noir ;D

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    Default Re: Similar Fragrances

    CartiŽrs "Declaration" and Jaques Fath "Yang". Then Chic came out and smelled like the previous two and in that period I tried some Tea tobacco wich was a bad version of the other three. I think I«ll stay away from tea/cedar/cardamon/tobacco frags for quite a while. Did like the Yang for a while though...


    ps: Matt: Don«t you think that in the masculine aura of ST duponts smoky, woody roughness theres a prominent note of "marie kex" in there? Ha Ha Ha Ha!!! Really wierd, even more noticeable when sprayed on paper instead of the skin.

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