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    Default Drakkar Noir = ???

    I know Noir in english is "black" but "Drakkar" is "longship" hahah what is longship?

    Longship Back = Drakkar Noir?

    What other frags. have french names that mean funny things in english?

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    Default Re: Drakkar Noir = ???

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    Default Re: Drakkar Noir = ???

    Dude, you're on the east coast of Canada, correct? ;D I'd think you should know what long ships are. Although, "black longship" really sounds more like a porn name than much else... ;D

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    From Wikipedia

    There were two distinct classes of Viking ships: the longship (the largest also known as "drakkar", meaning "dragon" in Norse) and the knarr.

    Therefore, "Black Dragon" seems more like it.

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    Default Re: Drakkar Noir = ???


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