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    Default Turning it upside down

    This may seem bizarre but I have been thinking lately that what I would really like is scents that last 2-3 hours then fade completely and are sold in small containers so I could easilly carry them around. This is because I often want to change my fragrance during the day as I move from home to work to social life, or the weather or my mood changes, but I can't have that many showers!!

    So who's gonna market this for me?

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    Default Re: Turning it upside down

    Here are some ideas.

    1. You could get 1 oz versions of frags, those aren't too bad for carrying around.

    2. I think Hermes - Eau d'Orange Verte comes in a version where it is like a "moist towelette", which makes it easy to put in the wallet. Duration isn't up to the 2-3 hours on this, but maybe there are some others available.

    3. Get some sample vials of the frags.

    4. Buy some purse atomizers and decant the frags you want into them. Make sure you have a funnel to avoid the inevitable angst of trying to spray into a narrow container.
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