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Thread: Red flag alert!

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    Default Red flag alert!

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    In my opinion,something HIGHLY suspicious happens here:
    The seller is the same who offered a huge GIT for almost nothing.
    You may remember the thread titled "Must be a fake ".So,I would be cautious...

    It's never too late to mend.


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    Oh that guy, What the (*&(%&amp#, the guy just sold a huge 16.9 oz bottle of Creed GIT for almost nothing, why the hell would he go about doing the same mistake and selling CC X at a .99 cents starting bid. The GIT sounded a little risky but he was dumb enough to list it in the wrong category as a newbie, so I thought maybe this could be true, but now this guy sounds like a fraud.

    Hey to that guy who bought GIT, whats the update?
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    Default Re: Red flag alert!

    There's no reserve either. Either he's very confident, or just very new to ebay. Or just stupid. :-/

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    Notice how both of the pages look similiar?

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