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    Hey all, need *the expertise of the basenoters again.

    I think I'm going to make some purchases soon, but I'm stuck on what to get. Right now, I'm looking at three:

    Burberry Touch - Love this one.

    Kenzo Pour Homme - Liked the smell, but didn't give it much chance when I sampled because I didn't like aquatics. however, now I'd like one for summer.

    Ungaro III - Read about this one, and I'm really, really curious, plus I am looking for a dark, brooding fragrance, though not sure how it works in summer.

    If anyone has additional suggestions based on my wardrobe or their experience, please let me know. Thanks!

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    The three you're looking at are all good ones.

    You need to try some Rive Gauche or M7.

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    Ungaro III

    ps. This is NOT a dark fragrance. Works absolutely well in summer.

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    kenzo ph is nice but make sure it isn't too sweet on you which is the case for me.

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    Kenzo PH. Aquatic or not, it's a very nice and different scent. I detect booze in the top notes...
    I'm a fresh scent junkie and proud of it!

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