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    Default Designer Scents vs Designer Fashion

    I was just pondering this the other day. I own a lot of designer scents (Dior, Dolce, Gucci, etc) and none of the clothes. For the most part, I can not find their fashions. If I do, there much too expensive to buy. On the other hand, I wear a lot of cheaper designer fashions (Perry Ellis, Claiborne, Calvin Klein) but none of the fragrances. I find most of their scents to be cheap and throwaway.

    Anybody else think the same thing?
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    Default Re: Designer Scents vs Designer Fashion

    if they're american designers it doesn't mean that they are cheap or throwaway, only because dior d&g are imported it doesn't have to mean that they are better (I could never figure out their hefty price tags). simply wear what you like, I live in Europe and it is a lot easier to get designer stuff here but I still like Calvin's clothing. Simply wear what fits you and looks good no matter what designer

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    Default Re: Designer Scents vs Designer Fashion

    Minus the great expense, many designer clothes are just too over the top for me to consider buying. *Unless it is something conventional like a suit, a lot of designers are inspired in an artsy-creative direction where I can't tell if they are putting out the next big fad or a complete embarrassment. *Therefore, I do enjoy wearing Claiborne and Calvin lines because they are pretty down to earth and casual, and are of good quality as far as I can tell. *I don't wear many fragrances from Claiborne, Perry, or Calvin, but it isn't because I don't associate with these brands. *There is a chance one of these designer houses can knock my socks off some day with a fragrance, but it just hasn't happened yet. *Mid-range designer fragrances are very popular and have wide appeal, so things like Gucci and Dior might appeal to us B-Noters over stuff, for example, CK, because less people wear these things. *I tend to favor that over simply considering mid-range designers to be cheap with their fragrances - ever tried Obsession? *Though probably before most of us were born (sarcasm), even Hugo Boss has produced some winners, so while it may seem true that we have a lot of high-end fragrances, I do not believe it is because mid-range designer frags are cheap.

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