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    Default A crazy idea - development of a fragrance

    This is a little theory I've been thinking about for a while. I have no idea if anyone else has thought along similar lines. It's as follows:

    Often when I buy a new bottle of a fragrance (inevitably its a spray container) I find that the first few applications are good enough, but that often the fragrance does not develop fully (ie from top notes to base notes) or is generally a bit faint or distant. I'm probably making a comparison with how I remember the fragrance from testing it in a store or whatever.

    Then I find that, once the fragrance has been used a few times, and there's a noticeable reduction in the contents - say 3 to 5 per cent, the fragrance seems to become stronger and open out a lot more.

    Now this could be all in the mind, or for various reasons, such as me getting more familiar with the fragrance and its individual notes. But something tells me that's not it. Rather, it seems as if releasing some of the contents of the bottle causes the remainder to become more true to the fragrance as it was intended. I don't know if it's a question of the air (or whatever takes the place of the fragrance used) beginning to react with the juice, or just something that happens over time anyway.

    I have noticed this happening with various fragrances, including Antaeus, Jaipur (EDT and EDP) and Gucci Pour Homme in particular.

    Am I alone?

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    Default Re: A crazy idea - development of a fragrance

    Hi Dante,

    I think what you are describing is due to the fact that you get more familiar with the fragrance and so you become able to follow more precisely its evolution and the drydown. Moreover, when you smell a fragrance in the shop the olfactory perception can be misleaded by other fragrances sprayed in the room (and soaps and all the scented stuff on sale). So, when you are back home with the new bottle you may have the feeling to have bought another fragrance...

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    Default Re: A crazy idea - development of a fragrance

    I think I agree with Waldemar.

    Try your theory the next time you buy a fresh bottle of something you already wear, and then tell us if you're right. I can't foresee ever needing to replace a bottle I already own, so the task falls on you

    Nihil Obstat Ben

    My Wardrobe

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    Default Re: A crazy idea - development of a fragrance

    Checking this is very easy, you need a used bottle and a new bottle.
    The used bottle can be the tester of the shop.
    Spray it on your right hand or on a paper strip, and spray the new bottle on your left hand or on an other strip.
    Then get out of the shop with your new bottle and check in the few next hours.
    Better use both the paper strip and hand method because, knowing on which hand is the new perfume, you will very easily get conditioned to see a difference that may not be.
    On the paper strips you smell both of them with closed eyes, then you look which is which, (it is written on the strip) only after having recognised if there is a difference and what kind of difference.
    A difference on strips always become more obvious with longer time.
    It is only the repeated blind check on strips that can give you certitude of not being psychologically preconcieved in your judgement.
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