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Thread: Creed Questions

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    Default Creed Questions

    Following on from a previous Creed post, I have the following questions:

    I just picked up a bargain bottle of GIT (120mL for A$85) after Renato's post - thank you!

    The bottle, as mentioned by someone else earlier, appears to have been destined for an Arab country, as it has an arabic insert.

    What exactly does "Millesime" mean? If I intend to purchase more Creeds (Bois du Portugal, for example) do they come in two versions?
    It has a year on it - 2003 - was this the year of manufacture, and if so, will it be OK? (Certainly smells fine)
    The box says in French - founded in London 1760, established in Paris in 1854. What is the history behind this fascinating house? They don't appear to have a website - a google search only reveals hits for sales.

    Oh and by the way, it smells fine - more like Floris JF than Cool Water to my nose. My wife loves it.

    Anywhere in Sydney that sells them, for all you aussies? I'm going there this weekend. I know the Melbourne division of Harrolds has them (after DNA shut down) - I was hoping the Sydney store would too?


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    Default Re: Creed Questions

    Here's the official site:

    "Millesime" is a line of their fragrances with special qualities, you can find the description on that website.

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    Default Re: Creed Questions

    I can answer a few of questions for you:

    Creed website:

    Millésime: French for vintage or year

    2003 will be fine, assuming it wasn't kept in the sun for the past couple years

    If by 2 versions you mean the packaging differences because of the Arabic insert, as far as I know they produce many different packages/inserts for different destinations.

    Might want to look in the duty free perfume shops at the airports, assuming the airport you're in has them.

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    Default Re: Creed Questions

    Quote Originally Posted by Ged
    Oh and by the way, it smells fine - more like Floris JF than Cool Water to my nose. My wife loves it.
    Yes, GIT was created in 1985 and Cool Water's composition was in parts inspired by GIT.

    Though sometimes it's Creed which is inspired by other scents, like for example Original Vetiver which smells very strangely almost identically like Cologne Mugler.

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    Default Re: Creed Questions

    If by 2 versions you mean a Millesime version and a non-Millesime version, no there aren't 2 versions.

    It does get a littel confusing because they make a Vintage Tabarome and Tabarome Millesime, as well as Vetiver and Original I'm confused :P

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    Default Re: Creed Questions

    vintage tabarome and vetiver are old scents from 50 years ago or more. creed have released newer scents based on these significant notes which are more in keeping with modern fashion called original vetiver and tabarome millisime. they also still produce the old ones.
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    Default Re: Creed Questions

    Speaking of 'Millesime,' how exactly do you pronounce this? I took francais in high school and I still remember the general rules and such, but I honestly don't know how to pronounce it. Any idea?

    PS - I was going to tell you how I pronounce it, but I remember Abraham's famous quote:

    "Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt."

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    Default Re: Creed Questions

    Yr good bud,


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